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Julianne Moore on Game Change Emmy Nod: "I Did Win a Daytime Emmy for As the World Turns in 1988"

I just love that Julianne Moore! In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the superstar reminded an entertainment journo that her Best Actress in a Miniseries Primetime Emmy nomination—for playing Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change—isn't Moore's first dance with the golden lady. Said Moore:


"I did win a Daytime Emmy for As the World Turns in 1988," she laughs. "But I couldn't attend the ceremony because I was playing Ophelia in Hamlet at the Guthrie Theater. So they called me up and told me I won!"

Moore played identical half sisters/first cousins (Got that?) Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on the Procter and Gamble serial from 1985-88. She reprised the role of Frannie in 2010, the same year ATWT ended its 54-year run on CBS. It's so refreshing to see an A-lister who isn't afraid to mention her sudsy past. Yeah, Meg Ryan, we're talking to you! Watch a clip of Moore as Oakdale's Frannie and Sabrina after the jump!

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