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Wishful Casting: Christel Khalil as Dr. Maya Ward on General Hospital!

If Christel Khalil is truly shooting the deuces to The Young and the Restless, ABC Daytime could take the opportunity to snatch up the popular starlet—and her diehard, ever-mobilizing fans—and lure them over to General Hospital. What about Khalil in the role of Edward Quartermaine's (John Ingle) biracial great-granddaughter, Dr. Maya Ward?

GH has never really known what to do with hunky, reformed kidnapper Shawn (Sean Blakemore). I wouldn't mind seeing him start a fresh, fun relationship with Maya, much to the chagrin of the remaining Quartermaines!

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Tracy (Jane Elliot) would of course be worried Shawn is only dating Maya to get his hands on the Quartermaine fortune. Meanwhile, Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) would be ticked at the progeny of her parents' late pal Mary Mae (Rosalind Cash) for breaking her brother Ethan's (Nathan Parsons) heart.

Speaking of Ethan, maybe Luke's (Anthony Geary) Aussie offspring would also return to Port Chuck to fight for Maya's hand? Khalil, paired with a Down Under bloke, certainly inspired a lot of fan devotion at Y&R! While reconnecting with Maya, I wonder what Ethan would think of an all-grown-up Kristina Corinthos (Lindsey Morgan)?

Fans have been screaming for more of a Quartermaine presence in Port Charles. I say bring back one of the black Q's with Khalil in the role and finally give Blakemore a leading lady in the process!