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DAYS' Freddie Smith Thinks Casey Deidrick is Too Tall For Sonny and Chad to Get It On!

Instead of WilSon, would Days of Our Lives fans have been able to get on board a "Chonny" pairing? "Son-Cha"?  I suck at squish names. In an interview with The Advocate, Freddie Smith revealed how initially there had been talk of a pairing between his character and Chad DiMera, played by Casey Deidrick!


You were on the job several weeks before you found out whom your love interest would be on Days. How fun was that guessing game?

Well, I was pretty sure coming into the role that Will would be my love interest, but then there was talk about maybe Chad being the love interest. Which would have be fine. He is an amazing guy and a great actor but I think is a bit too tall for me. [Laughs]

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Oh, Freddie. In the words of Miley Cyrus, it's all about the climb.