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Ronn Moss on How Bold and Beautiful Departures Leaked: "Susan [Flannery] Had Blurted Out on Stage That We Were Both Leaving"

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Ronn Moss has given an exclusive interview to Entertainment Weekly on his decision to leave the The Bold and the Beautiful after 25 years. During the metaphysically-charged chat, the actor revealed how the car accident he and his wife were recently in, along with other "signs"—such as the dressing room clock that stopped at the exact time he was born—led to his decison to leave Ridge Forrester behind. 


On a slightly lower plane, Moss also revealed money played a factor, and how news of his and on screen mama Susan Flannery's (Stephanie) departures were made public. Said Moss:

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Did you see the news about Susan Flannery also leaving the show? What do you think about that?

I had already known that, and the reason that my leaving got broadcast out was because Susan had blurted out on stage that we were both leaving last week. I knew that, and I knew that she was considering doing this. I think she’s doing it sooner than she even was thinking, but I think that says something. I’ll leave it there because I have to. I can’t really comment on that because her path is there now, too.

Alrighty then!