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Young and Restless Star Christel Khalil: "I Want to Stay"

These contract negotiations at the Bell soaps are starting to make the Middle East peace talks look like an afternoon tea in Mother's parlor! The Young and the Restless star Christel Khalil spoke to MSN about why she could be leaving the role of Lily Winters. Here's an excerpt:


"I want to stay," Khalil said. "I heard a rumor someone said I was deciding to leave, but it's not really working that way. There's something I want that they don't want to give to me. It hurts. I thought I would be worth what I thought I was worth to them, but I guess I'm not."

The article goes on to say money and restrictions are at issue in the recent Daytime Emmy winner's negotiations. Do you think Y&R and Khalil will be able to come to some sort of 11th hour agreement? Sound off in the comments!

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