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Wishful Storytelling: Jagger Cates Returns to Mix it Up With Liz, Sam and McBain!

Y'all know how I roll. One actor don't stop a show! While I sincerely hope Steve Burton decides to stick around Port Charles as Jason Morgan on General Hospital; should he opt to leave, I say bring back hella-sexy Antonio Sabato Jr. to fill the void!

Who better than Jason Quartermaine's boyhood rival Jagger Cates to help the women who have fought over Jason Morgan for years—Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Sam (Kelly Monaco)—nurse their broken hearts, if and when the hitman leaves town? Don't worry, McBam fans. I'm not leaving John (Michael Easton) out of my wishful equation!


When we last saw Jagger, on the critically-acclaimed, second season of General Hospital: Night Shift, he was working for the FBI. Maybe he and McBain share a stormy, Bureau work history? McBain and Cates could have been partners, who ended their association after a case gone horribly wrong.

With Jagger back in Port Chuck, he and McBain could find themselves reluctantly having to work together to solve crimes, ala Michael Ealy and Wes Mitchell's characterson the hit USA Network cop drama Common Law.  

Maybe Nurse Liz Webber happens upon Jagger gunned down on the pier, sparking a connection? Liz does sorta put you in the mind of Jagger's late wife Karen (Cari Shayne), no? I'm sure Jagger's autistic son would fit right in with Liz's brood. Maybe the tyke reminds her of Jake?

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What if back in her con artist days, Sam was arrested by Jagger? Better yet, maybe one of the men she bilked out of his savings was close to Agent Cates? A childhood mentor? Father figure? Jagger could want revenge and oh-so-much more from Sam — much to McBain and Liz's shared chagrin! 

There's also Jagger's history with mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to consider. Remember when Sonny had a drugged up Karen picking up dollar bills with her butt cheeks at his strip club? That has to still tick a guy off..

Just a few thoughts!

Photo credit: ABC