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Young and Restless SPOILERS: Tucker's Master Plan Unfolds!

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The Newman siblings vs. Sharon: The Newman siblings decide to take Sharon to court over control of Newman Enterprises. Sharon's little power play is also causing problems at home. When Nick hears Faith isn't feeling well, he heads to the ranch to be with the little one.


Faith wants to know why her mommy hasn't been home to check on her. Nick covers for Sharon, and decides it's time to stop feuding with his ex. Nick and Sharon's truce doesn't last long. She blames Nick and Victoria when the Newman Enterprises stock takes a tumble!

As if Victor's children with Nikki aren't causing Sharon enough problems. Abby decides to go on Restless Style TV and royally trash her step-monster! Sharon counters by selling Abby's beloved horse and banishing Victor and Ashley's daughter!

Ronan/Phyllis/Kevin: When Red spots a dark stain on the rug, she demands Kevin get rid of it. Phyllis believes the stain is from the duo's little adventure with Dead Tim. Later, Ronan shows up with a search warrant. Lucky for Phyllis, he isn't able to find evidence of Tim being at her penthouse. That doesn't stop the cop from grilling his former bed buddy about her missing rug. Phyllis finally spills all.

Speaking of spilling, the cops catch Kevin trying to toss the rug and run a forensics test on it. Turns out the stain is from wine! Phyllis and Kevin celebrate, believing their troubles with the law are over. Too bad Tim's landlady gives the police a description of a shady "encyclopedia salesman" who looks an awful lot like a former chipmunk bank robber.

Tucker's Master Plan: Beware of billionaire's bearing gifts. Sharon thinks she's found a kindred spirit in Tucker. Little does she know, the corporate shark is secretly thrilled Newman is starting to tank! The scandal brought about by Sharon's war with the Newman offspring causes stock prices to contunue to plummet. This allows Tucker to buy up large blocks of NE stop on the cheap. Can you say hostile takeover attempt?

Jack tries to warn Sharon against putting her faith in Tucker. Sharon scoffs at Jack's advice. At Tucker's urging, she takes an interview with a reporter about the current state of Newman Enterprises. Sharon should learn to listen to Old Smilin' Jack. When the article comes out, Mrs. Victor Newman is brutally ripped!  Look for Adam to catch on to what Tucker is up to before anyone else. The question is, what will Victor's youngest son do with the information?

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