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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jerry explains to Joe Jr. that the world squanders its water supply and needs to re-examine their priorities. He needs Joe to have his men ready at the reservoir.

Carly tells Todd that Jax is back and needs his advice.  Todd claims the only thing he can do as her friend is to listen better and have a shoulder for her to cry on. 

Johnny comes to the hotel to look for Carly. He finds Jax and wonders if he’s stealing Joss.  Jax says he’s in town to take care of his daughter and wonders why Johnny is there.  Johnny admits to being Carly’s boyfriend and that he’s legit now, as a club owner.  Jax says he’s cares about Carly and won’t let her get hurt.  Johnny swears he’ll protect both her and Josslyn. 

Carly’s surprised to find the two together. Jax complains that she never told him she was dating Johnny and that Josslyn could have been targeted by one of Johnny’s enemies.  Carly reminds him that he has his own list of enemies. 

Jason shows up at Liz’s to talk about Ewen. He is surprised to find out Ewen spent the night.  Jason apologizes to Ewen about the Wyndemere stuff. However, once Ewen leaves Jason tells Liz that he wasn’t wrong and that there seems to be a connection between Ewen and Jax.  Liz admits that Ewen knew all their names, including Jerry. Jason thinks Jerry is involved since he’s injected Nikolas in the past.  Liz says Jerry is dead, but Jason wants to follow up.  He tells her not to say anything to Ewen and to be careful because he’d be upset if anything happened to her. 

Luke’s at the Switzerland clinic, disguised as Dr. VonSkimmerman and looking for Anna.  The doctor explains that they admitted her, but that she was caught rifling through files and needed to be restrained.  When Luke is allowed into her room, Anna lets him know that it’s all a ruse and she’s fine.  Anna tells him that she’s looked around and found nothing concrete, but wants to check the guarded area.  Luke says he believes in her and they kiss.  Anna figures Heather probably lied to her, but she needs to know for sure and Luke agrees to help her.  When the doctor returns, Luke says he wants to continue treating Anna there. 

Patrick assures Steve and Olivia that she’ll be fine, because there are fewer hallucinations. However, when given a glass of water Olivia hallucinates that’s its toxic and reacts.  Steve’s worried, but Patrick assures him that they need to find the right blend of medication for Olivia. He points out that Robin was on meds every day. 

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Ewen drops by to check on Olivia and when she looks at him, she hallucinates the devil and freaks out again.  Ewen tells Patrick that she’s not ready to go home and may never be and that Olivia may need to go to Shadybrook.  Patrick tells him there’s still hope and that Ewen is a good doctor. 

Tracy drops off a new shirt for Joe and he offers to model it for her.  They make small talk and then start kissing. Tracy pulls back, since this isn’t who she is. Joe figures they’re simply enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other better.  After they make love, they turn on the television.

Jason stops by the hospital to see Patrick, who wants nothing to do with Jason unless it’s medically related.  Jason says it’s about Robin.    Anna lets herself into a room, thinking she’s found Robin.

Jerry drops by Todd’s room and wants to buy his cable franchise.  Todd isn’t interested until Jerry hands him a briefcase full of cash.  After Jerry leaves, Todd turns on the TV. 

After Johnny leaves, Jax wonders why Carly didn’t sign the divorce papers.  Carly says she hasn’t dealt with the divorce yet.  Josslyn comes out to watch TV. 

Ewen stops by Liz’, upset about what happened with Olivia and wanting to spend the day with her.  Steve and Olivia turn on their TV. 

Jerry has taken over the airwaves in hopes of getting everyone’s attention.