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DAYS' Eileen Davidson in Character as Kristen: "I've Been Off Living a Very Good Life in Europe!"

When Days of Our Lives fans last saw Kristen Blake DiMera, the nutty schemer had been sold into white slavery. Meanwhile, her even nuttier doppelganger Susan had managed to happily make off with Baby Elvis and beau Edmund. In the Sept. 10 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Eileen Davidson, who returns as Kristen in October, previewed what at least one of her alter egos has been up to since 1999.


"I asked for some back story," she says. Slipping into character, she updates us on recent events in Kristen's life: "Stefano rescued me immediately, and I've been off living a very good life in Europe!"

Hmm, okay...I was anxious to see how 13 years of satisfying some swarthy, Eurotrash type's ugly needs had affected Kristen, but I'll take it! Are you excited to see Kristen back in Salem this fall? Sound off in the comments! 

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