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Days of Our Lives SPOILERS: Jessica Fallon Returns to Save Nick!

Jessica's Back: Get ready for a blast from Salem's past to turn up just in time for Nick's (Blake Berris) parole hearing. Jean Bruce Scott begins reprising the role of Nick's mom Jessica Blake Fallon this Friday. The late Tom and Alice Horton's (MacDonald Carey and Frances Reid) granddaughter comes to town with plans to take Nick home with her, if and when he's released from prison. Too bad for Mama Fallon (and her integrated alters), her boy has other plans!


Nick's parole hearing: Jessica and her cuz, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), will both speak to Nick's reformation at his hearing, but the shocker of the proceedings will be when Nick's victim—and Maggie Horton Kiriakis' (Suzanne Rogers) newfound granddaughter—Melanie (Molly Burnett) bursts in. Fresh from a heart-to-heart with a secretly guilty Gabi (Camila Banus), Melanie is more confused than ever. Look for the Hortons to get a little freaked when the young woman rushes out of the room almost as fast as she enters! In the end, Melanie will prove she's worthy of being an (almost) Horton by testifying on Nick's behalf.

Chad goes into protective mode: Chad (Casey Deidrick) isn't too thrilled that Nick—whom he believes to still be a crazed kidnapper and murderer—is on the loose. I guess he thinks his family, the DiMeras, should be the only guys in town who get away with that kind of behavior? Watch for Chad to both propose marriage to Mel and threaten Nick's life next week on DAYS.

Jennifer and Nicole, Roomies?: Determined to keep a grieving Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) from leaning on Daniel (Shawn Christian), Nicole (Arianne Zucker) comes up with the only logical solution — move in with her rival! Check for Abigail (Kate Mansi) to become one ferocious cub when it comes to protecting her mama lion.

Kate vs. Sami, Round 3,752: When Brady (Eric Martsolf) offers Kate (Lauren Koslow) a new job at Titan, he inadvertently provides the woman with a power perch from which she can destroy his stepsister Sami (Alison Sweeney). Countess W. is struggling now that Chad quit, and blackmailed Gabi into following suit. Seriously? An international cosmetics firm can become in danger of going under because two local teen models quit?! I digress.

Sami starts to wonder if she's in over her head with this corporate maven schtick. With Kate rattling her, look for Sami to ask Will (Chandler Massey) to talk Gabi into coming back to work.

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Will/Brian/Sonny: Methinks Will doth protest too much in regards to not liking being smooched by Sonny (Freddie Smith). If he didn't enjoy tongue wrestling with Victor's (John Aniston) grand-nephew, then why does it ache for him to see Sonny with Brian?

Sami Brady brings all the boys to the yard: It's raining men for Samantha Jean next week on DAYS. EJ (James Scott) wants to make another go at a relationship, but Sami has reservations. Meanwhile, there's Rafe (Galen Gering), who'll be needing someone to talk to about his hot mess of a sister.

Sami provides the hot-headed cop an ear, but when Rafe starts to feel like Sami is trying to manipulate him into going easy on her in court—re: running off with EJ—Rafe gets ticked. When Sami is mugged, it's the former Fed to the rescue. Which squish name will Sami have monogrammed on her towels this time around, EJami or Safe?

One guy who doesn't want anything to do with Sami anymore (Sorry, Lumi fans!) is Lucas Roberts Horton (Bryan Dattilo). In the most out of character plot twist of the week, look for Lucas to give EJ advice on how to keep Sami away from Rafe! Say what? Say huh?

Lucas will inform the guy who once made Sami screw him before he would help her save his life, that in order to keep their mutual baby mama for himself, EJ needs to let Rafe remain the daddy of Nicole's baby. Alrighty then...

Nicole goes into labor: Nicole's worst nightmare is realized when Jenn goes back to work at Salem University Hospital. As the schemer is being rushed in to deliver her miracle tyke, she hears Dr. Hairy Crotch talking about how groovy Jenn is. Let's hope Maxine at least gives her an epidural for the pain.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.