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SOAP BYTES: Abby Schemes to Take Down Sharon on Young and Restless; Is Safe Really Sexy on DAYS?

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B&B BYTES: Rick (Jacob Young) burst into Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope’s (Kim Matula) house shouting he wouldn’t let Liam hurt his sister again. He proceeded to berate Liam for being a screw up. I almost wondered if Rick was channeling Bill (Don Diamont).

At Forrester, Thomas (Adam Gregory) hovered around Hope like he was a drone waiting to mate with the queen bee. I’ve become convinced chiropractors need to advertise during B&B. These stories give viewers plenty of whiplash.

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) showed up at Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) office where they discussed, you guessed it, Liam and Hope.

If you are tired of The Bold and the Beautiful’s nauseating Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle, try watching it in Spanish at At least that way you can get plenty of laughs out of this drivel.


Y&R BYTES: Abby (Marcy Rylan) embraced her inner corporate raider and told her money man to buy up as much Newman stock as he could. She told him she wanted to get rid of the stepmother from hell. FINALLY we will get to see a Newman child actually being proactive in a corporate storyline.

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) confronted Kevin (Greg Rikaart) about whether he did or did not pose as an encyclopedia salesman.  When Kevin denied it, Michael had him come to the police station. At the station, Dr. Tim’s (Aaron Lustig) neighbor identified him.  When Kevin insisted he was innocent, Michael washed his hands of his brother.

With each passing day I’m becoming more and more convinced that Ronan (Jeff Branson) is the perfect man for Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). Unlike with Nick (Joshua Morrow), she is actually honest with Ronan. Surprisingly, he has done very little judging of her behavior. In fact he has helped her. 

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Heather (Jennifer Landon) had yet another awkward conversation about everything except her prosecuting his mom.

Jack (Peter Bergman) warned Sharon (Sharon Case) to be careful about Tucker (Stephen Nichols).

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DAYS BYTES: Nicole (Arianne Zucker) told Daniel (Shawn Christian) she wanted to be more than friends. I want Nicole to run as far away from the snore bore as possible.

Nicole: “You make me feel safe. I never thought safe could be so sexy.”

Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) tried to convince Nick (Blake Berris) not to skip his parole hearing. She insisted he isn’t a hardened criminal. Julie then turned to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and insisted she do something. When Maggie was reluctant to help, Julie said all bets were off and revealed that Nick had been attacked in the kitchen by an inmate with a knife. Upon Maggie’s request, Nick agreed to let Marlena (Deidre Hall) evaluate him.

When T told Sonny (Freddie Smith) that he disgusted him, Sonny punched T in the nose.  As T got up off the ground he told Sonny they were even.

EJ (James Scott) called Chad (Casey Deidrick) and asked him to get him out of police custody.  When Chad arrived at the station, EJ revealed  he is in fact still his older brother.

John (Drake Hogestyn) confronted Kate (Lauren Koslow) about her manipulation of Brady (Eric Martsolf), but later felt some compassion for what Ian (Ian Buchanan) had done to her.


GH BYTES: Michael (Chad Duell) and Starr (Kristen Alderson) woke up in Vegas together. They quickly began searching for Trey (Erik Valdez) and Kristina (Lindsey Morgan). They found them in a Vegas chapel. Kristina had better be careful, because much like Prince Harry’s nude photos, I doubt what happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas.

At Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) house, Patrick (Jason Thompson) revealed what Jason (Steve Burton) had uncovered about Ewen (Nathin Butler). Unfortunately, Ewen overheard the conversation. When Elizabeth discovered him, he was holding a baseball bat. Jason showed up at Elizabeth’s house to find Patrick had been knocked out and Liz was missing.

At the police station, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) greeted Jerry (Sebastian Roche) in a less-than-friendly manner.

Carly (Laura Wright) and Todd (Roger Howarth) shared a moment of intimacy, while cleaning up the broken glass in his room. The Metro Court certainly has become a hotbed of activity!  

Todd when Jax (Ingo Rademacher) arrived: “Wow, you weren’t kidding. He is perfect. That’s like the best handshake I’ve ever had. I’m glad you’re finally here to take care of your family.”