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Bob Barker Says He's "Ashamed" of The Price is Right Over Stampede Prize Package

Don't look for TV icon Bob Barker to come on down for The Price Is Right's 40th anniversary special, hosted by Drew Carey on Sept. 4 According to this week's TV Guide, the 88-year-old animal rights activist is furious with the CBS game show for giving out a prize package including a trip to the Calgary Stampede. Said Barker to TV Guide's Michael Logan:


"I am ashamed of the show and surprised at their complete disregard for the welfare of animals," says the 88-year-old Barker. "Were I still there, [such a] prize would never have been considered. We never did anything that condoned animal cruelty. Apparently, things have changed."

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Do you feel TPIR should have continued Barker's animal rights campaigning following his retirement from the series? Let us know what you think in the comments!

For more of what Barker has to say, pick up the Sept. 3-9 issue of TV Guide!

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