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Will Billy Save His Daddy-in-Law From The Clutches of [SPOILER] on Young and Restless?

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Billy/Victor/Genevieve: Genaura is the first Genoa Citizen to locate Mr. Mumbles. She deduces he's lost his memory when he doesn't know who she is. While the two talk, Victor becomes dizzy and almost passes out. Later, the mob moll contacts Tucker, bringing him up to speed on finding Victor and him not having his heart medication.


Tucker tells Genevieve to make sure Victor doesn't come home and promises to send his medication. Billy comes on the scene and is shocked to see his father-in-law with Genevieve! He keeps himself hidden in the background and watches the pair.

Sister Celeste doesn't trust Genevieve on sight. Billy speaks with Celeste and finds out Victor is having a hard time remembering his past. He decides to call Victoria. As he's on the horn with his wife, Genevieve returns with Victor's medication. Look for Ms. Atkinson to find herself in a bit of a quandary.  Should she continue to do Tucker's bidding, or take Victor home to Genoa City?

Nikki: Mrs. Abbott is determined to locate Victor.

Sharon: The slonkey tries her best to convince a shrink she's mentally competent to run Newman.

Ronan/Phyllis/Michael/Nick: Red is hauled off to the GCPD for questioning by BFF Michael. The D.A. grills Phyllis once again about Dr. Tim's death. Phyllis again denies having played a part in it. Michael counters by asking for Phyllis to give him access to her computer. He wants to make sure she didn't manipulate security cameras in her building. Phyllis informs Michael he needs to come back with a warrant. As the two are arguing, Ronan arrives and shocks all by saying he was with Phyllis the night of Tim's death!

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Ronan tells Michael he and Phyllis are having an affair, and were together the night in question, so she couldn't have bumped Tim off. Phyllis goes with Ronan's lie and later tells Nick she was sleeping with Ronan around the time Tim died. Nick doesn't buy her excuse and Phyllis finally cracks and confesses everything to him.

Phyllis is relieved Nick didn't believe she'd cheat on him, but her husband doesn't let her off the hook. Nick is pissed Phyllis has been lying nonstop and is forced to co-sign her alibi. Later, Nick has a heated confrontation with Ronan and winds up punching him! Will Nick and Phyllis' marriage survive her mounting lies?

Chloe: The fashionista learns Chelsea's secret.

Paul: The gumshoe finds a shocking tape Ricky made before his death.

Phyllis: Redis flabbergasted by what Summer accuses her of.