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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Elizabeth begs Ewen to let her go. She says it’s not too late and that he may have killed Patrick when he hit him.  Ewen assures her that Patrick will be fine. He needs to talk to her alone.  Liz wants to know what he wants from her and tries to use her phone, but Ewen sees her and takes it from her. 

Ewen says he doesn’t want her calling anyone. She needs to hear him out and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.  Liz asks if he’s working for Jerry. Ewen admits that he is and that he’s the one who took Josslyn.  Liz is angry, saying Joss could have been killed, Jerry isn’t to be trusted and Ewen knew who Jerry was.  Ewen says he had no choice. Jerry has something over him.  Ewen again says he never meant for anyone to be hurt and hopes he doesn’t lose Liz.  She says there’s nothing left between them. She distracts him while trying to jump out of the car.  Ewen drags her back in and swears no harm will come to her.  Liz again tries to call Jason without Ewen seeing her. 

Jason finds Patrick and helps him come to.  Patrick explains that Ewen hit him with the bat and took Liz.  Patrick can’t believe this is happening. Jason wants to know where Ewen would have taken Liz. 

Michael’s angry that Trey and Kristina got married.  Kris reassures him that it was all done for the cameras because they owed Trey’s father.  Michael tells her that Trey’s father and Sonny have history.  Trey admits he told Starr, but then claims he was lying to Starr for the explosive factor. 

Kristina asks if Trey was using her, but Trey denies it. Michael gets angry and lunges at Trey. He starts beating him up, before the women can pull him off. Starr drags Michael away.  Kristina asks again if Trey was telling the truth, since she just went against her brother and likely her father.  She asks him to swear on a Bible. However, Trey weasels his way out of it and tells her to trust in the commitment they just made. 

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Sonny returns to Joe’s room and overhears him say that he’ll bury Sonny.  Sonny says he warned Joe to stay away from Kate and now his goons will dispose of him.  Joe tells him that if Sonny gets rid of him, than Kate will never see her son again.  Sonny reminds him the baby is dead and figures Joe is just buying time.  Joe says part of Sonny believes him. If Sonny kills him, he’ll never know for sure.  Sonny tells him to stop playing games and to tell the truth.  Joe says he’ll tell him in good time, since he’s not ready yet.  Sonny lets him go. 

Lulu arrives at the PCPD concerned about Dante, who’s sure it’s all one of Jerry’s scams.  Jason calls Dante about Liz. Dante makes Lulu promise to wait for him at the station. 

Back at the hotel Starr questions Michael’s anger.  He explains he had to learn to fight in prison and that he was messed up for awhile. Starr asks if he can control his anger. Michael swears he would never hurt her and doesn’t want her to be afraid of him. Starr says she understand because her father and uncle were brutal, but they enjoyed the violence. Starr says she feels safe with Michael. 

Carly wonders what Jax isn’t telling her. He tells her what Jason told him about Ewen and that the name is familiar.  Carly talks about his parents. Jax thinks maybe the connection is with his father.  Jax says he’s avoided talking to his mother because he’ll have to tell her what Jerry has done this time.  Carly tells him that he’s a good man and that he can’t blame himself for what Jerry is doing.  Jax admits to covering for Kerry and looking the other way. He hopes to find the part of Jerry that is still human. 

Dante puts out an APB on Ewen. Jason explains everything he knows.  Dante wonders where Ewen would have taken Liz. Jason is sure he can get the information from Jerry, but Dante says the FBI have Jerry and he’s off limits. 

Jason gets the call from Liz and they realize she’s in a moving car. Dante has his tech guy try to figure out the location with the cell tower.  Liz tries to have Ewen say where they’re headed. She asks if he’s taking her to the antidote.  She asks him to tell her where they are going. Ewen sees the phone and grabs it from her again. 

Dante gets a call from the CDC, confirming there’s a pathogen in the water and they don’t know how to stop it.