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SOAP BYTES: Is Sharon the Grim Reaper on Young and Restless? Are Liam and Hope Really over on Bold and Beautiful?

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Y&R BYTES: Poor, Sharon (Sharon Case). The interview that was supposed to make her look impressive to the business world backfired and now she looks like a fool. The headline labeled her Newman's Grim Reaper!The article went on to say Victor's dog should have been left in charge of the company over Sharon.

It's a shame Sharon didn't really kill Victor. Case would excel at playing a Black Widow, and a web of her very own would ensure she didn't lose  any of the items her kleptomaniac a** steals from various department stores.

Tucker’s (Stephen Nichols) little scheme appeared to be working as everyone who read the story had an adverse reaction. After seeing the interview, Nick (Joshua Morrow) ripped into Sharon. He basically said she was acting like a spoiled baby.

Before the interview’s publication, Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) arrived at the Newman ranch and warned Sharon about her actions. She also took Sharon to task about not looking for Victor (Eric Braeden). Katherine later confronted her son Tucker at Gloworm about his motives.

Cane (Daniel Goddard) wanted to know where Genevieve (Genie Francis) had been, and if her trip had anything to do with his sister. Of course Genny couldn't tell her son she was off doing Tucker's dirty work.  


GH BYTES: Ewen (Nathin Butler) tried to convince Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) she was safe with him, but she didn’t believe him.

Jason (Steve Burton) was at Liz's when Patrick (Jason Thompson) woke up, and grilled him about Ewen. When Elizabeth asked why he’d help “that monster” Jerry, Ewen responded that he was forced into it. 

Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) arrived at the police station to tell Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) she wanted to be with him.

In Vegas, Michael (Chad Duell) went all protective brother and beat Trey (Erik Valdez) to a pulp. Like father, like son. Kristina (Linsey Morgan) went spastic.

Dante popped up at Elizabeth’s, where Jason recounted all the reasons why he suspects Ewen of working with Jerry (Sebastian Roche).

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I loved Starr’s mention of Todd (Roger Howarth) and Victor’s (Trevor St. John) war. I really hope all these mentions of Victor evolve into something after January 1.


DAYS BYTES:  EJ (James Scott) asked Nicole (Arianne Zucker) if she’d heard the wonderful news that he is innocent of killing Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).

EJ: “You look very healthy.”

Nicole: “Is that another way of saying I’m fat?”

EJ: “You’re just a lot further along than the last time I saw you.”

EJ then reminded her that he had his own mystery to solve: the paternity of her baby.

Nicole later revealed to Daniel (Shawn Christian) that he scared her. She then fantasized about Daniel asking her to move in with him.

Roman (Josh Taylor) revealed to Sami (Alison Sweeney) that charges against Will (Chandler Massey) had been dropped. Sami thanked her father, but he said to thank Rafe (Galen Gering).

The Hortons and Marlena (Deidre Hall) were focused on Nick's (Blake Berris) parole drama.

EJ showed up at Sami’s with flowers and the two shared a wonderful family scene. When Grandma Brady took the kids away, EJ told Sami how grateful he was to her, and that he wanted to show her how he felt. Cue: EJami kiss. 


B&B BYTES: Liam (Scott Clifton) found Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) on the beach where viewers were treated to more talk about his failed weddings, his love for Hope and everything else we’ve heard countless times. He told Steffy he doesn’t think Hope is coming back this time. When Steffy asked if he actually believed Hope, he repeated Hope’s line about him not deserving her.

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) was practically giddy when she told Ridge (Ronn Moss) that Liam was out tracking Steffy down. She revealed to her ex-husband that she thinks Liam and Hope are officially over. Does she even see patients anymore? Has Ridge so much as picked up a sketch pad in months?

Rick (Jacob Young) asked Thomas (Adam Gregory) to keep an eye out for Hope, who was still at Forrester trying to keep her mind off Liam.  Rick then went to Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) and revealed that Thomas once proposed to Hope. He also planted seeds of doubt in her mind by telling her he thought Thomas and Hope are going to be magnets to one another.

Thomas told Hope her love for Liam would fade. He then said there were other guys out there who would do almost anything for her. I can’t imagine who he was referring to.