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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna dreams that Robin is alive, but wakes up to Luke.  She admits that Robin is gone and that she’ll never see her again. She decides they need to return to Port Charles because she isn’t doing anyone any good running around trying to find Robin.  Anna thanks him for being there for her. She wants to go home and do ordinary things.  Luke agrees to do anything she wants.  Luke mentions talking to Tracy. He thinks there’s a new man in her life. 

Tracy looks at the newspaper headline, and leaves a message for Luke, hoping he’s okay.  Joe shows up.  She talks about the antidote. Joe fiddles with the one he has in his pocket.  The two get heated and make out on the couch.  Afterwards, Tracy figures Joe must have women throwing themselves at him all the time, since this isn’t normal behavior for her.  Joe admits he likes her.  When Tracy leaves the room to check up on Edward, Joe decides he can’t watch her die and pours his antidote in her bottle of water.  When Tracy returns he insists she drink it. 

The mayor tells John that due to his FBI connections and Anna being on leave, he’s the new representative. Dante and the others will be reporting to him.  John tells her they don’t have an ETA on the serum. Jerry isn’t cooperating although he has requested a lawyer.  John tells her they’re still looking for Jerry’s accomplice.  Sam arrives in time to hear John tell the mayor that Alexis is Jerry’s lawyer. 

Alexis tells Jerry that everyone is entitled to a lawyer, including him.  She asks about the antibiotic that she was given. Jerry says that must be given before exposure, that it won’t work after.  Alexis wonders if he cares for her, why he put her daughters at risk.  She wants him to prove his feelings for her and save her daughters.  He agrees, in exchange for one more night with her.  Alexis agrees, if it means her daughter’s safety. However, Jerry wants to know if she feels anything for him or if she ever did. 

Alexis admits there was something in the beginning, when she thought he was damaged but salvable. She then realized there was nothing inside.  Jerry offers a deal. 

Johnny finds Todd waiting in Carly’s hotel room. The two accuse each other of being Jerry’s accomplice.  John wonders why Todd is sticking around and if it’s because he wants to tell Carly the truth.  Todd says he’s looking for Jax, to know what to use against Jerry as leverage.  Todd says he can’t wait to see Carly’s face when she finds out what Johnny has done. 

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Patrick wants to take a sample of Jocelyn’s blood in hopes of finding the counter agent.  Jax balks at first, but Patrick says it’s what Robin would do. Carly agrees and consents.  Patrick then turns to Epiphany and wonders if he can do this, since he’s not a researcher.  Pif asks him if he’s man enough to follow in his wife’s footsteps. 

Molly and TJ are commiserating about the their lot in life, even though TJ points out that Shawn was exposed to tons of bad stuff while in Afghanistan and he’s fine.  Shawn decides to go and help out. The teens make a bucket list of what they haven’t done yet, and realize neither have had sex yet. 

Shawn runs into Carly and she thanks him for leading everyone in a prayer the night Joss was sick.  She asks about TJ and Shawn says he feels like family and then mentions a woman he has feelings for and should probably do something about.

Carly hears Todd and demands to know what he thinks Johnny has done now.  Johnny says Todd thinks he’s Jerry’s accomplice. Carly gets angry and tells Todd that she doesn’t want to deal with him right now.  After he leaves, she tells Johnny about Patrick taking Joss’ blood and how all children deserve a full life. 

Jax gets to the PCPD, wanting to see Jerry.  Alexis is thrilled to see him, but is worried when he admits he got into town just in time to be exposed.  Alexis tells Jax and John that Jerry has named his price. She hands John a paper with the amount written down.  John reads it aloud, eighty eight million, one hundred and eleven thousand.  Sam takes the paper and shows Jax that it’s 88 111 000 and he acknowledges that it’s not such a strange amount after all. 

Shawn runs into Alexis and declares that if they’re going to die, he wants to make sure he does this.  He grabs her and kisses her. 

Luke tells Anna that they need to talk about Robert and that there’s something he’s been meaning to tell her.  He explains how Robert was ready to end it on the bridge and that he lied about Ethan being Robert’s son. 

Todd goes to the PCPD and pays his way in to see Jerry.  He tells Jerry that they have business to discuss.

Jax explains the number is a run of cards, two eights, two aces and a jack, the dead man’s hand and John mentions it’s Wild Bill Hickok’s hand.