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SPOILERS: Can Port Charles' Billionaire's Boys and Girls Club Stop Jerry on General Hospital?

While Jason (Steve Burton) and McBain (Michael Easton) are doing what they do best—talking in as few words as possible and wielding big guns—in order to save the denizens of Port Charles, New York from a madman, Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) will come up with a more practical solution on General Hospital.


Lifestyles of the Rich and Dying: Look for the Llanview transplant to gather the city's wealthiest residents at the Quartermaine mansion (Where else?). In the house Alan (Stuart Damon) gave Monica (Leslie Charleson), Todd will try to convince Port Chuck's ballers and shot callers that they need to come up off the loot Jerry (Sebastian Roche) is demanding, or they're all gonna die. Everyone except Tracy (Jane Elliot) of course, who like Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Josslyn, has by this point received the antidote. Why doesn't Todd just get his mega rich big sister Viki Lord (Erika Slezak) to send a Western Union Money Gram from Pennsylvania?

Am I My Brother's Jailbreaker: No matter what Jerry does, Jax (Ingo Rademacher) can't totally give up on him. Look for the lean-cut, Aussie to bust his brother out of jail, in hopes of talking some sense into him. When Jerry starts talking about the past—namely what really happened to Daddy Jacks (Ewen killed him!)—expect our Jasper to be floored.

Maxie and Patrick, Disease Detectives: When Patrick runs into trouble trying to understand his "late" wife's notes on "How To Stop a Nut Job's Bio Warfare Threat in 10 Episodes or Less",it's her little cousin Maxie (Kirsten Storms) to the rescue. Will the secret to stopping Jerry once again be found in Robin's (Kimberly McCullough) enormous superbrain?

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Holding Out For a Hero: Considering Jason Morgan is once again in the business of rescuing Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) from really bad dudes, Liz begins to wonder if she should stop resisting their renewed connection. Will a Liason reunion get a chance to take place before Jason starts to put the pieces together about Sam's baby being alive? Don't be surprised to see Liz begin to act more like the mischievous, slightly cunning teen girl who first came to PC over 15 years ago, in order to land Jason!

Like Poisoned Water For Lovemaking: Several Port Charles residents will contemplate hitting the sheets, as they start coughing out what could be their last breathes. Even that little fast Molly (Haley Pullos) will be thinking about letting her hormones take the lead with TJ (Tequan Richmond). How adorable are those two?

JaSam Plays "What If": JaSamfans will get a special treat on Sept. 6, as the "dying" couple spends the episode wondering what their lives would have been like if some annoying movie star hadn't wanted a guest spot on General Hospital.

One Baby to Lose: Tea Delgado (Florencia Lozano) receives a visit that could start a chain reaction leading to her losing the thing she holds most dear. Something tells me Port Charles' next epic disaster will involve a shortage of earplugs for the townsfolk, once Tea learns what Todd and Heather (Robin Mattson) did.

The Duke of Villainy: Why on Earth would Anna Devane's (Finola Hughes) beloved Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) want to hurt her? Things are not always as they seem...