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Steve Harvey on Choosing Daytime Over Late Night: "Daytime Started to Feel Like a Better Fit"

Multitasking entertainment mogul Steve Harvey will join one of the most crowded daytime talk show premiere seasons ever, starting Sept. 4 when the nationally-syndicated Steve Harvey premieres. In a recent interview with the Oakland Tribune, the host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud and author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man (which was adapted into a blockbuster film) had this to say about why he decided to do a daytime show:


 I've always wanted to do one. That was the dream. But my goal for years was late night. I'm a stand-up comedian and that's where all my counterparts were. Jay Leno. George Lopez. Conan. Letterman. Kimmel. ... But my life changed and I evolved as a person. I got more into family and faith. And then was "Family Feud" and my book for women, the movie, and I was thrust more into the mainstream. So daytime started to feel like a better fit.

Watch a sneak peek of Steve Harvey—where Harvey schools a guest on how foul it is to break-up via text—after the jump!

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