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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Jax tells John that the dead man’s hand played a big part in his family. His father acquired the cards and thought they brought him luck. His father lost the cards and eventually his will to live.

Anna doesn’t understand why Luke lied to Robert. Luke tells her about Helena being after Ethan and Robert trying to end his own life. Anna wonders how it helped to give Robert a replacement child. Luke says she kept it together after Robin’s death, but that it broke Robert. Anna complains that it was all a lie. It sent Robert after a pretend son, while she was alone to bury her real daughter.

Luke again says he was trying to save Robert’s life. Anna asks why he never told her the truth at the time or certainly before they slept together. She says this will hurt Robert. There’s nothing worse than chasing a lie, as she did. What Luke did is no different than what Heather did to her.

Anna wonders what happens when Robert finds out the truth. It will be like losing another child. Luke says time will have healed those wounds. Anna feels Robert will be furious and Luke needs to fix this, which he promises to do. Anna says she needs to go home, to her job and deal with life without Robin. Luke wonders what happens with them, but Anna doesn’t know.

Jason gets a hold of Spinelli, who has followed Ewen’s trail from Alaska to Arizona, where he became John Jacks’ psychiatrist. Jason tells him that Ewen grabbed Liz and about the phone call. Spin asks to hear the recording of the call and places several different sounds. He tells Jason where he thinks Liz and Ewen were during the recording.

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Ewen’s taken Liz to a farm that he owns and explains that he lost his childhood home thanks to John Jacks. He destroyed Ewen’s father and then prospered from it. Ewen explains that his father owned the cards, that they were worth a lot and that father Jacks stole them. The Keenen family lost everything and lost their farm. His father died a broken man, while the Jacks family became billionaires. Liz asks what Jerry has over him, because she doesn’t want to die without knowing why.

Liz begs Ewen to tell her what he did. Ewen says he kept tabs on the Jacks and followed them to Alaska. His intent was to steal the cards back. He became John’s psychiatrist and travelled to Arizona with him, where he lost his will to live.

Todd wants to know what Jerry wants in exchange for the antidote. Jerry tells him the amount and claims it has a great significance to his family. Jerry points out that Todd is wealthy and might have a family he needs to save. Todd says his family is out of town and he’s not that rich.

John kicks Todd out. Todd wants them to raise the money to give Jerry. John says then all the crackpots will pull this to get money. John says doctors are trying to figure out the counter agent, but Todd leaves in disgust. Sam asks if John knows where the counter agent is. John asks if she knows where the cards are.

Jax asks Jerry why this is about the dead man’s hand. Jerry sarcastically says it meant a lot to dear old dad. Jax says their father loved Jerry too. However, Jerry says he loved Jax more and Jerry took the brunt when father’s schemes didn’t work out. Jax says their father asked for him. Jerry says he was there, but Jax didn’t recognize him since he’d had the surgery done to his face. Jax says they could have found the cards together. Jerry says he’s the one who stole the cards from their father in the first place, with AJ’s help. Jax says their father lost his will to live because of that and that he killed their father. Jerry complains that Jax put all his faith in the psychiatrist, who happened to be Ewen Keenen.

Via flashback, Ewen explains that Jax was with his father at his bedside and heard him say he was going to get the cards back. Jax asks Ewen to make sure his father held onto hope. Ewen promised to give his father the best care he deserved. Jerry catches Ewen injecting his father’s IV with a drug, but allows his father to die. He says he won’t report Ewen, but will use this against him.

Ewen tells Liz that it was about honor and a promise to make John Jacks pay. Liz asks if he killed Jerry and Jax’s father. Ewen admits it. Ewen says Jerry has been blackmailing him with it and made him do unspeakable things, but he can’t tell her what. Liz asks if he’s going to go and shoot Jerry. Ewen only wants the antidote so he can save her. Liz asks to go with him, but Ewen doesn’t want her near Jerry. Jason arrives, gun blazing.