Susan Lucci: "There's a Little Bit of Erica in Everybody"

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Ever wonder if soap diva

Susan Lucci

has tapped into her inner Erica Kane away from Pine Valley? The

All My Children

legend spoke with the 

Pittsburg Post-Gazette

 and dished about if her alter ego ever made an appearance away from the cameras.

Did you ever have to suppress the Erica personality from rising up when you were off the set?

[Laughing] Well, I think there's a little bit of Erica in everybody. I think you try to suppress those things as best you can. When I played her I actually got to have an outlet for that. It's just a matter of trying to seek the balance, and some days you get luckier than others.

Don't you wish La Lucci channeled Erica when Brian Frons finally admitted AMC was getting the axe?