Bob Barker on The Price is Right 40th Anniversary Snub: "They Haven't Even Offered Me a DVD"

Pop culture icon Bob Barker continues to address the spayed and neutered elephant in the room. Just why wasn't the guy who hosted 35 of The Price is Right's 40 years on CBS Daytime not invited to appear on the anniversary special? Said Barker to the Associated Press:


"They haven't even offered me a DVD."

As previously reported, Barker has been critical ofTPIR for handing out prize packages the animal rights activist feels are inappropriate, namely trips to the Calgary Stampede and Sea World.

"We really became very careful about what we put on the show," he said. "Had I been the executive producer, they would not have even considered bringing me tickets to the Calgary Stampede of all things."

The 88-year-old TV veteran didn't just reserve his comments for the AP. Here's what he said to the New York Post regarding if he felt deliberately snubbed:

“I certainly do,” Barker, 88, told The Post. “Look, the show is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and I did 35 years of those 40 years. Do you think there might be somebody out there in TV land who’d have liked to have seen me on the show?”

Sad to see Barker's relationship with the classic game show come to this.

Photo by PR Photos