General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Jerry tells Jax that Ewen killed their father. Jax refuses to believe at first, but Jerry explains about seeing Ewen injecting their father with a slow acting poison, because their father stole the cards from Ewen’s.  Jax is angry that Jerry stood by and watched. Jerry says it was too late, that their father was too weak to fight.  

Jerry says he didn’t stop Ewen and then used it to blackmail him.  Jax doesn’t understand why he never saw that Jerry was a sociopath. Jerry says he grieved for their father and is sorry for the pain he caused Jax.  Jax is angry that Jerry wants to wipe out the town. Her says he’s a murderer for money.  Jerry yells that it was never about the money, but doesn’t explain what it was about.  He swears that once he gets his money, that Jax will get treatment.  A policeman arrives and Jax declares that he’s ending things now. He fights with the cop, grabs his gun and gets Jerry out. 

Ewen’s angry that Jason found them and warns that he’ll kill Jason.   Jason wants to know where Jerry has the counteragent. Ewen swears he doesn’t know.  Liz swears she believes Ewen, who claims only he can get the antidote from Jerry.  Liz tries to reassure and placate him.  Jason says he knows about Ewen’s connection to the Jacks family. Ewen admits to killing daddy Jacks.  Liz assures him that he’s not a killer, that he simply made a mistake and begs him to put his gun down. 

Jason tells Ewen to let Liz go.  Ewen says that he loves her and that he’ll be the one to fix this, not Jason. He shoots Jason in the leg. 

Joe’s getting sicker as Tracy’s feeling pretty good and doesn’t understand why.  Todd shows up and tells Tracy that he needs 17, 622, 000.00 from her in order to give Jerry his ransom. Todd mentions the amount Jerry wants. Tracy realizes Todd’s only asking for 1/5th and wonders who the other three suckers are.  Todd asks who’s the richest 1% in town are other than Sonny. 

Johnny tells Carly that looters have hit the Star and taken everything. Carly asks about the safe. Johnny says that was Luke’s and he can’t get into it.  Carly worries about Josslyn being without parents. She is reassured that her boys aren’t infected.  Johnny hopes the police will give Jerry what he wants.   Both Carly and Johnny get a text from Todd to meet him at the Q mansion.  

John thinks Jerry might have hid the cure with the cards and wonders where they are.  Sam says she got rid of them because she realized they were bad luck. The last person she knows that had them was Tracy.   

Sonny tells Kate that he warned Joe to leave town.  He gets a call from Todd to meet him at the Qs and heads off.   Kate is surprised when Steve tells her what Ewen has been up to.  She remembers that Ewen wanted to tell her something, that he was conflicted. She’s certain Jerry is forcing Ewen to do this.  She’s certain that Ewen won’t hurt Liz.    

Sonny, Carly and Johnny show up at the Q mansion. Todd explains that he needs their money.  At first, everyone balks that they can’t get their hands on that kind of cash.  Carly says her money is all in the hotel. Todd points out that she’s still married to billionaire Jax.  Todd asks Johnny about being heir to a mob fortune. Johnny says he’s a club owner now and has no access to that money anymore.  Sonny says he’s only a coffee importer.  Todd says they can’t stand by and do nothing and let Jerry win

Sam and John show up at the Q mansion, asking Tracy about the dead man’s hand.  She tells them that Luke had it last, likely at the Star. 

Liz yells at Ewen, saying she doesn’t love him, but that it has nothing to do with Jason.  Ewen says he trusted her and is distracted enough for Jason to shoot him.  Jason tells Liz to grab Ewen’s gun and manages to untie herself.  Liz checks on both men’s wounds and claims Ewen needs to get to a hospital. 

At the hospital, Kate’s angry that Jason shot Ewen.  Steve doesn’t care about Ewen. Kate tells him that he took an oath to help.  Jason reminisces about all the times that Liz has saved him.  He tells Liz that she knows how he feels about her and he wouldn’t have let Ewen hurt her. 

Sonny agrees to the ransom demand, as does Johnny. Johnny says he’ll do it for Carly, but that it will hard to pull together.  Tracy says Edward holds the purse strings. Todd points out that they’ve all lied and stolen from loved ones before and they need to do this to prevent people dying.  All four make their calls. 

Joe goes to the PCPD as Jax is taking Jerry out.  The two fight and Joe manages to get Jerry out and to Ewen’s safe house.  Joe says Jerry owes him. 

The group of 1% show up at the PCPD to see Jerry, but find Jax roughed up. Jax says Jerry has escaped. 

Sam and John find the safe at the Star and Sam cracks it open and finds the cards.  She says she also found something else and John asks if it’s the counter agent.