General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Jax tells the gang that Jerry escaped, after he took the guard’s gun in hopes of getting Jerry to take him to the counter agent.  Jax says Jerry had someone helping him, but didn’t see who.  Sonny and Jax get into it. Jax says Sonny got away with trying to kill him and keeping him from his daughter.  Johnny finally breaks it up. Tracy says they need to find Jerry before they all die.  Todd notes that Tracy doesn’t seem to be dying and wonders why. 

Tracy says she was sick then started feeling better, so the others tell her to head to the hospital in case she has a natural immunity that can help the doctors.  Tracy heads off. Jax wonders whose idea was it to give Jerry the money.  Todd cops to it and Carly says they’re splitting the ransom.  Sonny points out that if they can’t find Jerry then they’re all dead.  Jax says he was distracted by Jerry’s mention of Ewen and how he killed their father. 

Patrick stands by the lab doors, remembering losing Robin.  Maxie finds him there, admitting she hasn’t been there since it happened.  Patrick says he needs to find something in Robin’s notes from when Nikolas was poisoned that he can isolate to help everyone.  Maxie offers to help by deciphering Robin’s handwriting.  Patrick thanks her for seeing that he had a problem and getting him help and taking care of Emma.  He says he wouldn’t have made it without her. 

Jerry shows Joe that he has the briefcase of serum hiding in Ewen’s cabin. Jerry mentions Ewen helping to facilitate a trade with someone in Switzerland.  Joe wants one of the vials, telling Jerry that he gave his to Tracy.  Joe reminds Jerry that he saved him at the station and to have a heart, so Jerry gives him one.  Joe gets a call from Tracy that she’s at the hospital and heads there. 

Steve tells Ewen that he shouldn’t save him. He took matters into his own hands once before, but decides he won’t do that this time. He’ll save Ewen’s life, for Liz’ sake.  Ewen tells him that surgery is a waste of time. Other people need Steve’s help more than he does and to let him go.  Steve offers to call someone, but Ewen only wants to talk to Patrick. 

Sam finds a note with the cards that says they were right to check there, but are too late.  John decides to go back to talk to Jerry. Sam passes out, smacking her head on the desk on her way down.  When she comes to, John decides to take her to the hospital to be checked out. 

Liz can’t believe she trusted Ewen and that she didn’t listen to Jason. She feels she could have prevented what happened had she been paying attention and reading the signs.  Jason tells her Ewen’s connection with Jerry goes far back and not to blame herself.  Liz checks and tells Jason that he’ll have to wait to get the bullet out, but gives him an antibiotic.  She apologizes for dragging him into it and getting him shot.  She feels she talked herself into believing Ewen was a good person. 

John and Sam arrive. He asks Liz to take a look at Sam’s head.  Liz agrees to clean up the wound. Sam wonders what happened to Jason’s leg.  Liz explains what happened. Jason mentions Ewen being down in the ER.  John gets a call that Jerry has escaped and heads out.  Jason tries to go with John, but Liz stops him. 

Steve tells Patrick that Ewen is asking for him. However, Patrick wants nothing to do with Ewen.  Steve talks him into going.  Tracy tells Steve that she isn’t sick and Steve agrees to run some tests to find out why. 

Sonny decides he’s going to look for Jerry. Todd offers to go with, but gets a call from Jerry asking to finalize the negotiations for the money.  Todd admits they have it. Jerry wants to know who’s involved.  Carly, Johnny, Sonny and Jax admit they’re part of it.  Jerry tells them he has the cure and will give it to them.  Jax wonders if Jerry is telling the truth or if it’s a trap. 

Joe finds Tracy in the lab and she tells him that Jerry has escaped, but that she’s there to help find the cure.  When Steve returns with Liz to take Tracy’s blood, Joe ducks out. 

Patrick goes to Ewen who apologizes and has something to say about Robin, but dies before telling him anything. 

Sam worries that they don’t have long to live and wonders what if they had made different choices.  She asks Jason, if the baby had lived, would their lives be different.