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Katie Couric Under Fire After Comments on Kate Middleton's Weight

What better way to launch a new daytime talk show geared toward women than by starting a media storm about weight? Katie Couric has drawn ire following comments she made about Kate Middleton's size during a recent interview.


After praising Middleton—revealing the Duchess of Cambridge is at the top of her wish list to interview on her upcoming show, Katie—Couric said this of Prince William's wife:

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"I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin."

Critics immediately began taking Couric to task for her remarks, which have reignited the media's fascination with Middleton's weight. A Huffington Post writer likened the growing obsession with Middleton's appearance to the scrutiny the newbie royal's late mother-in-law Princess Diana endured during her battle with bulimia. A Forbes journalist had another take on the matter, going so far as to defend Couric's observation.

Do you feel Couric's comments were harmless or out of line? Let us know in the comments!

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