With Steve Burton Leaving, How in Port Chuck Will General Hospital Resolve Liason vs. JaSam?!

Arguably the most polarizing and heavily-debated daytime soap opera love triangle of this millennium (Give or take any combo of Sami Brady's 30 pairings on DAYS), has been Liason vs. JaSam on General Hospital. Fans of both pairings have stormed soap magazine polls, message boards and the comments of blogs like this one, to show their unyielding support for either #TeamJaSam or #TeamLiason.


Even bloggers got in on the fun. Yep, I'm biased. Sue me. Get yo' man before he leaves town, Nurse Liz (Rebecca Herbst). Climb those stairs!

Soon fans of Steve Burton's (Jason) enormously popular onscreen pairings with Herbst and Kelly Monaco (Sam) will have to come up with something else to fight over, as the actor and his character are leaving the soap opera.

In the Sept. 10-16 issue of TV Guide, Burton discusses how bad his timing is, considering the pair of broken hearts SuperJase will leave behind. Said Burton:

"There's a whole lot to wrap up quickly,' he admits. 'My timing isn't the greatest, but I can't control that. I gotta live my life." 

While Jason leaving Port Charles will definitely be a blow to many a diehard JaSam lover, at least Sam McCall has already embarked on an insanely-hot flirtation with moody cop John McBain (Monaco's Port Charles leading man Michael Easton). Heck, I'm even a McBam shipper, but what about Liz? Her most recent beau, Aussie hunk Dr. Ewen Keenan (Nathin Butler), turned out to be quite the nogoodnik, which netted him a fatal slug to the chest.

Liz's other great love, besides Jason, Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) is off in Nashville, panting after Hayden Panettiere. Here's hoping Ron C. has an amazing post-Jason love story for my Lizzy Beth, one that is just as scorching as the sultry saga he's started for McBam!