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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Heather reads the newspaper headline and decides she needs to get back to Port Charles to make amends to Steven Lars. The nurse reminds her that she’s a few cupcakes shy of a dozen and isn’t going anywhere. Heather begs to at least make a call. She makes the call to Steve, who wants nothing to do with his mother. Steve says he was better off without her. She used him his entire life and that he regrets letting her out. Heather says she’ll always be his mother and that she loves him, but Steven’s not interested.

Sam tells Jason that everything would be different if she hadn’t made that visit to Heather. She tells Jason her version of the story and how it would be.

Sam’s story/fantasy: Sam pays Heather a visit, but decides she doesn’t want to hear what Heather has to say and leaves. Sam reads about Lamaze and then drags Jason to a session. They have a baby shower with the Davis clan, Monica and Spixie until Sam goes into labor.

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Sam gets a call from Alexis, who’s worried about them. She’s sad that Alexis will outlive them if they don’t receive the counter agent. Jason wants to leave and go find Jerry. However, Sam begs him to stay and that telling her story keeps her calm.

Sam’s story/fantasy: Spixie make up because of their feelings for JaSam. Alexis promises to be there for Sam and likes being called Grandma. Monica tells Jason that Allan is looking over him and to be calm. Sam delivers a healthy baby boy. Jason swears they aren’t naming it after him. Monica tells him not to take anything for granted like she and Allan did. She says to let the baby know how much he is loved. Alexis asks Sam about the name befitting the first Davis boy. JaSam receive gifts and a trust fund from Edward and decide to name the baby Daniel Edward.

Sam tells Jason that her son looked just like him and that he would have been a great father. She admits she often doesn’t want to leave her fantasy.

Sam’s story/fantasy: They are happily celebrating their daughter Emily’s first birthday, along with toddler Daniel.

Sam says she knows it’s just a story, that she lost her son and then they lost each other. She says she can’t do this anymore, that she knows what happened and that she can’t change it and that anything else is a fantasy.

Heather decides she wants a do over, that she can be a better mother. When the nurse tries to stop her, Heather kills the nurse and steals her uniform. She walks out of Ferncliff. Heather goes to Llanview and shows up at Tea’s house.