General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The One Percent Club are hanging out at some warehouse, waiting for Jerry to show up with the counter agent. Todd is certain Jerry will show up, since they have the money. Sonny’s angry that Jax didn’t do something about Jerry long ago. Johnny wonders if Jax knows Jerry’s whereabouts, which of course, Jax doesn’t.

John tells Dante that Todd is involved. He explains the meeting of the One Percent Club, including Sonny. Sonny calls Dante to see if he’s with Lulu, since nothing else is important right now. Dante asks if Sonny is home with Kate or waiting for Jerry. Dante warns that he won’t let Jerry disappear with the cash. Sonny says Jerry will bail if he sees cops around. The tech guy says he doesn’t know where they are, but that they are within a 5 mile radius of a cell tower.

Shawn wants to discuss the kiss with Alexis, who’s too busy trying to keep him alive. She’s sure someone will find the cure. She admits she’s open to the possibility of something with Shawn.

Molly and TJ continue to discuss their bucket list and how the one thing remaining is the lovemaking one. Alexis checks in on them, but Molly deflects. Alexis leaves them alone to discuss possibly doing the deed. Molly asks about protection, which TJ doesn’t have. He wonders if it matters if they’re going to die. Molly doesn’t want to get pregnant if she’s going to live. She’s too nervous to do anything anyway, so they simply lie on the bed and hold each other.

Liz asks Patrick about Ewen’s condition. She isn’t sad to hear that he died. Patrick asks about Robin. Liz says Ewen only talked in terms of helping Patrick with his grief. Patrick doesn’t understand why Ewen’s last word was Robin’s name.

Sam says she should never have gone to see Heather and then wonders why she made all the wrong choices the night the baby was born. Jason tells her that she wasn’t thinking clearly and trying to find help. Sam says it’s all her fault. The baby died because of her. She feels if she hadn’t put him in the planter, but held onto him, he’d be alive. Jason reminds her that the baby died from respiratory failure.

Heather introduces herself to Tea as Susan Moore. She says Todd gave her the address and that she wanted to see how things were going. She then tells Tea that the baby isn’t hers, but clarifies that by saying she’s responsible for saving his life. She is watching over him. Heather asks to hold the baby. Tea hesitates, but allows it. Heather questions the baby’s health and Tea says he’s a carrier for Thalassemia, which is genetic. However, neither she nor his father have a history of it.

Johnny asks Todd if Jerry doesn’t show, will he tell Jason or Sam the truth about her baby, so she can die in peace. Todd asks if Johnny will call Starr and tell her the truth. Johnny says he can’t change what happened, but Todd can make his right. Jax overhears as Todd accuses Johnny of lying to Carly all summer. He questions Johnny, who refuses to say anything.

Patrick’s examining Sam and Liz tells Jason that Ewen died. Patrick can’t believe his friend helped poison the town. He is worried that everyone’s fever is progressing. Jason asks if Patrick can pull the baby’s records to find out why he died and if putting him on a ventilator would have saved him.

Patrick reads that the baby died of respiratory failure because his lungs were not developed. A ventilator would have not done any good. Sam disputes this, since at the time Kelly had said they could have done that. Patrick says it ultimately wouldn’t have saved the baby. Patrick says the baby had haemophilia and would have died. Sam doesn’t understand why none of that showed up in her blood work.

Jerry shows up at the lake house and confronts Shawn. He says he’s there for Alexis. Shawn attacks him. Alexis finds Shawn knocked out and Jerry says he cares for her and she needs to cooperate if she wants Shawn to live.

Sonny tells Carly that she was right in sending Morgan away since he’s safe now. Carly admits Kate isn’t her favorite person, but she wishes him the best. Jax tells Carly that he overheard Todd and Johnny fighting and that Johnny is lying to her. Carly questions Johnny. She says there is no time for lies and he can trust her to tell her the truth. Jerry arrives with Alexis at gunpoint.

John and Dante aren’t sure where to find Jerry. Shawn shows up offering his help.

Liz reassures Jason that it wasn’t his or Sam’s fault the baby died. He looks at the chart and points out that the baby was AB negative.t Sam and Franco are O positive and wonders how that’s possible. Liz is sure that it’s just a mistake, but Jason wonders if the baby that died wasn’t Sam’s.