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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Alexis declares she’s not going with Jerry, but he tells her she will if she wants everyone to survive. Todd doesn’t care about Alexis and wants to wire the money and get the serum. Sonny and Johnny pull guns. Jerry’s men jump in and take the guns away. Johnny wants the antidote, but Jerry says not until the money is wired, something Sonny doesn’t want to do.

Jax wants Jerry to let Alexis go. Jerry wants the money wired, so Jax tells him to let Alexis go and take the money. Carly says Jerry owes Jax, but Jerry says Jax always had it easy and he wants to collect his dues. Jax decides the deal is off, but Alexis declares that she’s changed her mind and will willingly go with Jerry if he promises to save her children.

Jax warns her not to do that, that Jerry can’t be trusted. Todd wires the money. When Jerry gets the confirmation, he tries to leave with Alexis while the others try to get into the briefcase. Jerry says he’ll give them the combination when he’s safely out of the country. Jax realizes that Jerry was never going to give them the serum. Everyone starts to argue and fight for Jerry’s gun. It goes off, throwing Jax back.

Shawn explains to John and Dante what happened with Jerry. He gives them a paper that Jerry dropped which has numbers on it. John figures it’s navigational numbers and that Jerry’s at the marina. Shawn declares he’s going with them.

Jason wonders if the babies were switched, since Sam herself had said it wasn’t her baby. Liz says it’s simply a clerical error and Sam was grieving at the time. Jason says all Sam’s prenatal tests were normal and there’s unaccounted time when she was passed out in the shed. Liz says it’s silly to think someone else with a dead infant happened to arrive and change the baby and claims he’s in denial.

Jason asks how to make sure the dead baby is Sam’s. Liz says they need another autopsy and Sam’s permission to exhume the body. She says it’s a lot to put Sam through for a clerical error. She says not to hurt Sam that way. Jason says he needs to find the truth.

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Steve tells Sam that the CDC is trying to isolate the pathogen, but they’re running out of time. Steve ready to release Sam and send her home. He then complains about Heather. Sam tells Jason that she’s been released . He then apologizes for the fantasy talk. She says if they don’t find a cure than she’ll be with her son soon enough. She tells Jason that she’ll be thinking of the good times together and will die happy.

Steve tells Liz that the CDC are still working, but don’t know how much longer everyone has. He’s happy that he had her growing up and the two hug. Steve swears this isn’t goodbye.

Heather talks to baby Victor, saying no one loves him like she does and he can be her new Steven Lars, her second chance. Tea says she’s looking for a nanny, so Heather offers to do it. Tea balks at first but accepts, providing Heather’s references check out.

Jax says he’s fine and Johnny spots blood on Carly’s shirt and thinks she’s hit, but turns out Johnny was the one shot. Jerry says he’s leaving and not to follow him because he’ll sacrifice Alexis. Jax tells Carly to take care of Johnny while he and Sonny go after Jerry.

Shawn, Dante and John take out Jerry’s men and then find Carly, Johnny and Todd in the warehouse. John orders Carly and Todd to take Johnny to the hospital and for Shawn and Dante to follow Jax, while he tries to get into the briefcase.

Carly goes to get her car while Todd waits with Johnny. He feels Johnny is getting what he deserves for killing his granddaughter.

Sonny and Jax try to catch Jerry as he takes Alexis onto a boat. Shawn stops Dante from calling for back up and says he’s going after Jerry as well.

Dante and John try to open the briefcase and use the number 88110, which works, but they find a bomb inside.