LIVE BLOG: General Hospital Jumps Time Slots to 2 PM EST / 1 CST and PST


Today General Hospital jumps time slots to 2 PM EST / 1 CST and PST and I’m going to Live Blog the occasion! Join me to discuss the episode in the comments as it airs.

While we wait for the show to start, I'd love to know what your favorite thing about GH is right now? Mine has to be having Sebastian Roche and Florencia Lozano on my screen. 




Here we go! General Hospital is now in its official new time slot, sandwiched between The Chew and Katie in many markets.

GH opened with a fast-paced recap of what has led to this point and preparing us for Jerry arriving at the warehouse with Alexis to meet the One Percent Club.

Sonny wanted to know what Jerry was doing with Alexis. Jerry said he wouldn’t leave the woman he loves behind.

Jax pointed out that Jerry was using his, Carly, Johnny, Sonny and Todd’s lives to blackmail Alexis into going with him, after she refused.

At the PCPD, John 'The Honey Badger" McBain and Dante were working to try and figure out where the One Percent Club and Jerry were at.

As the confrontation between the One Percent Club and Jerry escalated, Jerry’s minions stopped Johnny from leading an uprising.

In Llanview, Tea received a phone call from work, as Heather held Sam’s baby in her arms. Heather told the little fella only they knew that Tea isn’t really his mother.

In addition to being a more effective crime fighter than the PCPD, Jason also appears to be able to decipher medical documents better than the fine doctors at General Hospital. Liz asked if he really thinks the baby that died was Sam’s.

Cue the opening credits.

Todd wanted to give Jerry the money, but Jax said not until he let Alexis go.

Shawn offered to help John and Dante find Jerry and the One Percent Club.  John and Dante believed they had narrowed down the location.

Jerry wanted to finalize the transaction. Sonny said he only cared about the money.

Todd wanted to get the whole thing over with, because there were still things he wanted to do in life.

Jerry then gave another speech about Jax being the golden son and how he was claiming what was his.

At the hospital, Sam and Steve talked about Heather. Steve said as long as his mother was locked up she couldn’t hurt anyone. Cut to Heather in Llanview. Poor Steve, he’s almost as stupid as Jason is smart.

As Tea talked on the phone, Heather revealed that Sam’s baby is going to be her son; he’s going to be her new little Steven Lars, her second chance. That poor, poor baby, if Heather somehow pulls off her latest scheme.

Elizabeth said she thought Jason was in denial.

Back at the hospital, Sam helped Steve as new patients arrived in the hospital. Sam helped a mother with her baby, as Jason tried to explain to Elizabeth that the blood types don’t match. Elizabeth told him not to get his hopes up, because it was probably nothing.  He insisted something didn’t add up, as his frustration mounted.

Tea shared with Heather how her life as a single mother was becoming more difficult. She can’t go into a courtroom with a baby on her hip after all.

Alexis agreed to go with Jerry willingly if he saved her children. You go Alexis, protect your daughters! Jax said she couldn’t do that, because she can’t trust Jerry.

John, Dante and Shawn searched the docks. Dante spotted five of Jerry’s men, so they decided to launch their three-man offensive.  Shouldn’t they have some additional backup? I know everyone in Port Charles has some sort of hero complex. I guess this will be a chance for them to prove it.

Heather told Tea she needed a good babysitter and then offered to be baby Victor’s nanny.  Can you imagine crazy Heather having a run-in with one of Viki’s alters in Llanview? I’d pay to see that. 

After handing the baby over to Steve, Sam walked in on Elizabeth as she asked Jason if he wanted to hurt Sam by bringing up the possibility her son might still be alive.

At the warehouse, Todd told the One Percent Club he’d sent the money. Sonny once again said they can’t trust Jerry. Jerry told Jax that Alexis staying was non-negotiable.  Jerry confirmed the money arrived and then started to leave with Alexis. When Todd demanded the combination, Jerry said he can’t give it until he’s safely out of the country. That Jerry is a smart one! 

Vastly outnumbered, John and Shawn started shooting at Jerry’s minions, while Dante snuck up on two of Jerry’s henchmen as if he were Spider-Man.  Dante used some fancy kicks, a head butt and a good old punch to take the two men out. John pretended to put his gun down, but rolled and took his shot. Meanwhile, one of Jerry’s men pulled a gun on Shawn saying, “Say goodbye, tough guy.”

The men of the One Percent Club struggled for Jerry’s gun, which went off. At first everyone thought it was Jax who got shot, but he was okay. Then they thought it was Carly,  but she too ended up okay. It turned out that Johnny was the one who had been shot.  I wonder if he’ll start seeing his dear old granddaddy’s ghost again?

Tea was surprised by Heather’s offer to be Victor’s nanny. Heather said she didn’t have any concrete plans and thought it would be a lovely time of year to be in that part of the country.

Jason told Sam he and Elizabeth were talking about the baby.

Dante, John and Shawn disposed of the henchmen’s bodies,

Carly demanded that Todd save Johnny. He called the ambulance, as Dante, John and Shawn arrived on the scene. John promised to get into the case, even without the combination.

Sam and Jason wondered if they were running out of time.

Heather quickly quieted baby Victor. Poor Tea, she’s getting sucked in by Heather’s story. I would really love to see a scene where Tea slaps the hell out of Heather.

Heather: “If you plan for every moment, who has time for happy accidents?”

That should be Heather's motto.

Back at General Hospital, Steve told Elizabeth he wasn’t sure how much time was left and the two spent a few moments with childhood memories.

Tea agreed to let Heather, aka Susan, be Victor’s nanny, providing her references worked out. 

Sam to Jason: “I want you to know that I’ll be thinking of you. The time we spent together was amazing. If this were to happen then. If we were dying when we were together, I want you to know I’d die happy.”

The JaSam fans ought to love that dialogue.

What did you think of today’s General Hospital? Did you think Johnny would be the one shot? Will he survive? Who do you think will diffuse the bomb tomorrow? Share your thoughts in the comments.