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Will a Bad [SPOILER] Keep Sharon at The Funny Farm on Young and Restless?

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Sharon: In Fairview, Sharon is shocked to run into Daisy. It seems Ms. Carter decided to take refuge in the nuthouse to get away from Ricky. Sharon fills Daisy on Ricky being dead An ecstatic Daisy tries to leave, but the doctors aren't buying her excuse about Ricky's death.

Daisy tries to get Sharon to help her out, but she acts as if she doesn't know who the sociopath is! Later, Sharon has her psych evaluation, where she cajoles the shrink into thinking the Newman kids are trying to set her up. Just when it looks like Mrs. Victor Newman will pass for mentally stable she has a terrifying nightmare.  

Sarge/Harmony/Neil: Could Jack's physical therapist finally be getting a storyline? Sarge spends an evening with Neil and YoHamony. The couple is unaware that their new pal knows a little bit more of Ms. Hamilton's past than he's revealed. What dirt does Jesse have on Angie, er Sarge have on Harmony?

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Phyllis/Cricket: The rivals have a heated showdown.

Kevin: He begs Billy to tell Victor's family about his whereabouts.

Chloe: The fashionista is stunned by what her hubby reveals.

Jack: Old Smilin’ Jack hints Victor may be with Genevieve.

Paul/Ricky: While searching through Ricky's things, Paul notices a snow globe. Inside the decorative item is a flash drive everyone hopes will clear Paul, but it only makes him look more guilty! On the video saved on the drive, Ricky talks about how weird his father was acting at the time he taped the video, and says if something should happen to him, Paul should be investigated!

Lauren: The department store mogul's confession may help her old love Paul out of his jam.