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First Impressions: What Did You Think of Katie’s Premiere?

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Katie Couric

After months of promotion and ever increasing expectations Katie Couric’s new talk show Katie premiered on September 10.  On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast members of the DC gang weighed in on her first episode, guests and what Couric will have to do to actually become the next Oprah.

Reviews by major publications have been mixed for Katie’s premiere, with the Los Angeles Times’ headline stating: “Katie Goes Splat.”

After the jump, check out more Katie reviews from around the web and share your First Impressions of Katie.

USA Today

“We're just going to assume the first Katie is not really the show Katie Couric is planning to do.

Or, to be more precise, not the only type of show she's planning to do.

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New York Daily News:

Katie Couric woke up her old “Today” cohost Matt Lauer Monday so he could watch her new daytime talk show.

It would have been kinder to let him sleep.

She was friendly, gentle and warm. She rolled out plenty of girl talk for the 98% female audience. She talked about shoes and asked everyone how they feel. She brought out her old cheerleading teammates from junior high school in Arlington, Va. She did everything but paint her toenails and serve s’mores.

What she didn’t do was provide a very lively show, which was perplexing for a first day.

New York Times:

“Katie” will showcase Ms. Couric’s skills as an interviewer. The premiere included teasers of her pressing Heidi Klum about her divorce battle with Seal, an interview that will run in full on Wednesday’s show.

But on Monday, Ms. Couric tried to prove to her audience that she is one of them. She showed a family photo that included her husband, who died of cancer in 1998. Her two daughters and her mother were in the audience; at the end she brought up her three friends from junior high school in Arlington, Va.

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