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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Tracy’s having more blood taken, in hopes of helping the doctors find the cure. Monica tells her there’s been a fatality. Tracy assumes its Edward until Monica says it’s Cook.

Todd covers Johnny’s face with his handkerchief, but Lulu arrives looking for Dante. She yells at him to use his jacket to stop the bleeding. When Carly shows up with the car, Lulu says she’s going to search for Dante. Carly orders Todd to drive them to the hospital.

Alexis asks Jerry to let her go, since Sonny and Jax will be hunting them down. Jerry explains about the bomb and that they’re leaving. Alexis agrees to go willingly, if he deactivates the bomb and give hers girls the serum. Otherwise she says he’ll have to sleep with one eye open. Jerry says she can’t hurt him. She reminds him of her Cassadine roots and not to underestimate her. Jerry swears he’ll deactivate it once they’re safely gone.

John figures they need to diffuse the bomb before they can bring the serum to the hospital. Neither he nor Dante know how. John calls a buddy on the bomb squad. Lulu shows up, determined to be with Dante to the end. The two help John with the bomb.

Jax tells Sonny that he’ll save Alexis, since it’s on him to deal with Jerry.

At the hospital, Johnny tells Carly that he needs to confess something to her. Johnny’s taken into an exam room and Carly wonders what Johnny was going to confess. She asks Todd what they were arguing about. Todd says Johnny doesn’t deserve her, he lied to her and hasn’t changed. Steve tells Carly that Johnny is stable, but may not make it to surgery and to spend time she has left with him.

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Patrick tells Monica he’s got the cure, but only one dose. It took a long time to make and they don’t have time to make more to save everyone. Joe wonders who’ll get the dose. Patrick gives it to Monica and says he’s going to spend his time with Emma.

Tracy says Edward needs the serum but Monica says she has to follow federal guidelines and give it to a doctor who can then save others. Tracy says the serum came from her blood and she wants to save her father, but Monica refuses.

Patrick sits with Emma and admits to her that he’s sick too. Emma asks if they don’t’ get better will they see Mommy. Edward is wheeled in and spots Patrick and Emma. Tracy shows Edward the vial and tells him to drink it.

Monica goes to Patrick to complain that Tracy stole the vial from her to give to Edward. Tracy comes out and tells them that Edward wants Emma to have it, that he refused it. Patrick says there’s protocol, but Tracy says what the Qs steal, they own and it’s hers to give. Monica chooses to look the other way and Tracy tells Patrick to give Emma the medicine which he does and thanks Edward.

Jerry ties Alexis in the boat and heads out. Jax gets the keys of the boat and demands Jerry let Alexis go. He says he’ll protect Jerry, because he still loves his brother. Jerry says he can’t be protected, because he’s dying. He explains that when he was shot the bullet gave him radiation sickness. The cure came at a high price that he’s still paying off. Jax asks again for Jerry to go with him, but he refuses. Jax throws the keys in the water. Jerry gets angry and the two fight, until Jerry gets the best of Jax.

Sonny and Shawn band together and find Alexis and get her off the boat. Alexis tells them about the bomb in the briefcase. Shawn takes Alexis away but Sonny stays behind to deal with jerry. Alexis thanks Shawn for helping save her life and the two kiss.

Jerry declares he’s going to blow Jax’ head off, but Sonny shoots him in the arm. The the two start shooting at each other. One of them hits a gasoline tank, which then catches on fire.

John decides he’ll stay to finish taking the bomb apart, so Dante and Lulu leave. John looks at a photo of Liam and Natalie and cuts the red wire. An explosion goes off.