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Today Pre-Empts 9/11 Moment of Silence For Interview About Kris Jenner’s Breast Implants


In what may be the most shameful example of corporate synergy in recent memory, NBC’s Today Show decided to pre-empt the moment of silence honoring September 11 World Trade Center victims by featuring an interview with E! star Kris Jenner. The segment featured a titillating discussion about the importance of removing old breast implants between Jenner and Savannah Guthrie.

New York Magazine has compiled a devastating side-by-side clip of Today talking about Jenner’s oh-so-important boobs. Just as every other news network paused for the moment of silence.

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Today is still struggling against Good Morning America in the ratings after the Olympics. It also replaced Ann Curry because her passion was for international stories and not cooking segments or celebrity interviews. However if you ask me, on the anniversary of September 11, Today needed more Curry and a lot less Kardashian.

According to TV Newser, WNBC in New York broke into the national feed to carry locally-produced special coverage which included the moment of silence. The AP reports that NBC aired the moment of silence for the West Coast.

Watch the side-by-side clip at