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EXCLUSIVE: Exiting DAYS Starlet Molly Burnett Talks Booking Gigs For MTV, Hallmark and Starring in Improvised Soap 'Scandal Crest'


Take heart, soap lovers already mourning the loss of Molly Burnett from the suds. The soon-to-be exiting Days of Our Lives actress has already found a new soapy gig. She'll be co-starring in ACME Comedy's upcoming improvised, online soap opera Scandal Crest.

I caught up with Burnett to get all the deets on Scandal Crest, which will reunite her with former DAYS co-stars Freddie Smith and Eric Martsolf. I also found out what else the talented young actress has been up to since leaving DAYS, including booking a guest star spot on MTV's upcoming Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous and a new Hallmark movie!

Daytime Confidential: You're on your way to becoming for webisoaps what Jamie Lee Curtis was for horror flicks — the go-to girl! First you did Empire, then Venice, now you're doing Scandal Crest for ACME. What do you like about doing these kinds of projects?

Molly Burnett: Acting is my first love. I just like to work. I am very privileged to have been given the opportunity to participate in these great projects. There is a lot of freedom with web series, and the people that are running them, along with the casts, are such a pleasure to work with.

DC: After starring on Days of Our Lives for four seasons, you're an old pro at mastering tons of dialogue and blocking, but Scandal Crest will be an improvised soap opera. How on earth will that work, and are you nervous?

MB: Improv is such a temperamental thing. It's really easy to take something too far and lose the humor. Am I nervous? Sure, but it is reassuring knowing the talent I'll be surrounded by.

DC: At least you won't be alone in this endeavor. Several of your soap-o-peers, including past and present Salemites Eric Martsolf, Freddie Smith and Krista Allen, will also star. Is it cool to be able to work with Martsolf and Smith again, since leaving DAYS?

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MB: Absolutely. Freddie is wonderful and Krista is so sweet, I'm excited to work with both! I am also excited for people to see what Eric and I can create off screen, as opposed to the usually serious Brady Black and Melanie Jonas on screen.

DC: Speaking of Martsolf, are you as bummed as I am that Melanie and Brady never got to walk it like a dawg? I always thought those two would be so hot together!

MB: [Laughs] Aw, thank you! I love what Melanie and Brady had. I think they were a really authentic team. There was such a genuine admiration and friendship there. It would have been a kind of story that maybe way down the line, any romantic relationship that could have blossomed would have been a real one. Does that make sense? I don't know, but thank you.

DC: While appearing on DAYS, you booked several notable primetime gigs on such shows as True Blood, Good Luck Charlie and CSI. Are you anxious to start auditioning for more primetime work, or will you chillax for a bit?

MB: I actually just shot an episode for the sitcom Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous with Bo Burnham for MTV which was amazing! And I just started filming for a movie for Hallmark called This Magic Moment with Vincent Spano, Travis Schuldt, Charles Shaughnessy and Aliana Huffman which I'm so excited about since it's my first movie!

DC: So back to Scandal Crest. Since it's going to be improvised, do you even have a character name? Walk me through the set up!

MB: We have a basic character and family structure. I play Ophelia Sterling, sister of Sean Kanan and Eric Martsolf, and daughter of Dale Raoul and intertwined in a forbidden love with Freddie Smith. We are given basic goals for each scene, but the rest will be improvised. It should be a blast Knock on wood!

Scandal Crest premieres Sept. 21 at 9 pm PST/12 am EST.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Caren