General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


John cuts the red wire.  The explosion goes off. Dante thinks the serum is gone, until John shows up with the briefcase. He tells Dante to take it to the hospital while he investigates the explosion. 

Alexis freaks out when the boat explodes, realizing that Jax and Sonny were on it.  Alexis is certain they aren’t dead, even though there is no sign of anyone.  John arrives and asks about survivors as Sonny drags himself out of the water and explains what caused the explosion and that neither Jacks brother has been seen. 

Jason wants to leave to find Jerry and the cure, but Liz won’t let him.  Monica tells Liz to relieve another nurse. She tells Jason what happened with Edward giving the cure to Emma.  Jason realizes that his grandfather saved Robin’s daughter. Monica calls Edward selfless and heroic.  She reminds Jason that it’s his birthday tomorrow. Jason mentions Franco.  He tells Monica there’s something up with the baby’s records.  Jason points out the discrepancy with the blood types, but Monica thinks it’s just a clerical error. 

Kate tells Steve that Olivia isn’t in her room. The two find her on the roof dancing in the rain that only she sees.  Olivia realizes that it’s only in her mind but Steve points out that all her hallucinations have come true so far.  Olivia says she needs to confess something to Kate. She read Kate’s diary as a kid and saw that it said they’d be best friends forever.  Kate admits they took a long break, but are back to being best friends and the two hug. 

Sam goes back to the lake house to find her mother, but only finds Molly and TJ.  Molly asks about Jason and John. Sam says she told them both goodbye.  Molly asks who she’d be with if they survive.  Sam says there’s something with John, that it’s more than friendship. 

Dante hands the briefcase to someone from the CDC who will analyze the serum. 

Steve apologizes to Liz for pushing her towards Ewen.  Liz admits she was pushing Ewen away because of her feelings for Jason. There is a lot of history there, they’ve been in and out of each other’s lives for years.  Steve doesn’t want to see her hurt. 

Kate and Sonny are reunited at the hospital. Kate is sad to hear that Jax likely died in the explosion.  She thinks Ewen was a victim as well and wished he could have been saved.  Sonny’s glad Ewen is dead. He says Jax was a hero who died trying to stop Jerry.  Sonny wants to move up the wedding date. Kate says she can pull something together in the next week. 

Monica hears celebrating in the halls and finds out the CDC were able to protract a cure from the serum.  Dante announces that they need to get the message out to everyone, that they will be cured through the water, and to wait for further instructions. 

Alexis and Shawn return to the lake house. They tell the others what happened at the pier.  They get the call that the antidote has been found and celebrate.  John arrives and says they haven’t found Jax. Alexis says to keep looking, because it’s unfair that Jax sacrificed his life.  Sam stops John from leaving and tells him they should face life together just like they were facing death. 

Lulu is thrilled and Dante reminds her they were talking about babies before this all started.  Jason overhears Liz call her boys and tell them she loves them.  Staff hand out glasses of water to everyone as a television message explains they’ll also be doing aerial sprays.

Lante go home and make love in the shower.  Skate kiss on the roof of the hospital and get “rained” on.  Olivia notices the rain as Steve joins her. Jason comes out to roof and is joined by Liz and they hug.  Alexis and Shawn have a water gun fight with the kids.    Sam and John hold hands.