When Daisy [SPOILER] Will Paul's Last Shot at Freedom be Lost on Young and Restless?

Daisy: This fool accidentally ingests one too many pills while trying to bust out of Fairhaven, and ends up in a coma!Here's hoping she stays there, or someone "mistakenly" pulls the plug on her. This news sucks for Paul, who needs Daisy to prove Ricky was cray-cray.


Paul/Lauren/Avery/Cricket: Ms. Fenmore tattles to Avery that the gun Paul used to snuff out Ricky is hers. When Paul finds out he demands Avery not use the evidence. Look for Cricket Blair to return with an idea that could finally set her ex-husband free. 

Danny: Cricket's other ex makes his way back to Genoa City.

Sharon: Sharon is able to hustle her shrink into thinking she isn't crazy, and can in fact head up Newman Enterprises. Forget Stefano on Days of Our Lives. This girl is the new Phoenix, as many times as she rises up from the (volcanic) ashes! Once the judge gets Sharon's report, she is reinstated as the top dog at NE. Sharon's first order of business is to rid all of Victoria's belongings from her office. She next orders Vicki and Nick to join her at a press conference. Sharon wants the stock holders to see they are united for the best interest of the company. Will Victoria and Nicholas beat their step-monster at her own game?

Billy: The Abbott playboy is still keeping Victor's whereabouts a secret from Victoria. Will he finally clue her in?

Tucker: The rebel billionaire has a proposition for Sharon.

Newman family: The feuding clan gets some horrifying news at the Newman Enterprises press conference.

Victor: How many times can one mogul be presumed dead? Funny you should ask.

Nikki: The socialite gets a huge shock as she grieves.