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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly thanks Todd for waiting at the hospital with her.  Michael and Starr show up, grateful to see their parent alive.  Todd jokingly says he’ll kill them for going to Vegas.  Carly explains what happened. Michael asks about Jax, but Carly’s not sure where he is. She explains about Johnny being shot protecting her. 

Sonny stops by to see Jason, who has to spend an extra day in hospital.  Sonny claims that Jerry is dead, so the crisis is over.  He also says Jax’s body wasn’t found. Jason figures he’ll need to tell Carly, but Sonny offers to do it. 

Joe finds Tracy in one of the rooms and they’re both thrilled they made it through.  He wants to get on with their lives.  Tracy asks if he wants to come stay at the mansion so they can get to know each other better.  Joe agrees and heads out of the room only to spot Sonny. He ducks back in, dragging Tracy on the pretext that he just can’t wait to have her.  Once they’re done, Tracy’s surprised at herself. Joe says they’re celebrating being alive.  After he’s gone, Tracy finds his medallion and knows his initials are JMS.

Kristina and Trey show up at the lake house and tell Sam that they were in Vegas getting married.  Kris explains that it’s for the show and they’ll get it annulled.  Sam points out that neither Alexis nor Sonny will be happy. Kris doesn’t think it will be a problem.  Trey calls his dad to meet and heads out, but not before Kris reminds him that they need to take care of the annulment. 

Sam explains to Kris about Jason and John and saying her goodbyes.  Kristina can’t believe she’s someone’s wife now.  Sam comments on how their mother will be working on Kris’ annulment at the same time as Sam’s divorce. 

Spinelli is grateful that Maxie and her parents are okay. Mac wonders why he wasn’t in town. Spin explains chasing Ewen’s lead and then not being allowed to fly back into the city.  Maxie asks if Spin no longer hates her, because she misses their friendship.  Spinelli says they aren’t friends and never will be again. 

Maxie doesn’t understand, since she knows Spin cares about her.  Spin explains that he can’t keep being treated like junk under her shoe.  He says if he can’t have her love, he refuses her like. 

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Felicia tells Maxie that being with Frisco was exciting and romantic. She thought they’d live happily ever after, but grew apart. She was always chasing the dream. She says she needed to grow up and open her heart to Mac, who’s there for her and loves her. Felicia says it sounds like Spin and his feelings for Maxie. Maxie asks if her mother wants her to get back with Spinelli, saying it didn’t work the last time, because she cheated and then got married.  Felicia says Matt didn’t ask her to wait and that her experience is loving a man who’s there for her. She deserves to be happy. 

Starr and Todd head off to see Johnny. Carly explains to Michael that she thinks Johnny was trying to confess something to her.  Sonny arrives and Michael says he has something to tell about Trey and Kristina.  Sonny says he needs to tell Carly that Jax didn’t make it.  Carly refuses to believe it. She then wants to call someone to look for Jax.  Sonny says search and rescue has already looked and not found either body.  Carly says if Sonny didn’t see a body, then it doesn’t mean Jax is dead. She wonders why Sonny’s trying too hard to convince her.  She asks if it was what he wanted. 

Sonny says Jerry was the one that blew up the boat, but Carly says it’s his fault if Jax is dead.  Jax arrives, saying Sonny actually saved his life.  Carly is thrilled to see him. Jax explains that he got thrown into the water and hit his head, but hung onto something until morning and then swam to shore.  Carly takes Jax to be checked out. 

Starr tells an unconscious Johnny that she’s glad he’ll be okay, since he’s an amazing friend that she grateful to have in her life.  Todd interrupts, but she says she wants Johnny to know that she’s there.  Todd tells her not to wake Johnny, so Starr leaves, while Todd stays behind. 

Todd closes the blinds, locks the door, grabs a pillow and holds it over Johnny’s face.  Johnny wakes up and fights back.  Todd stops, figuring it’s not worth a murder charge. He warns Johnny not to confess anything to Carly or he really will shut him up for good.  Johnny agrees to go back to how it was, but points out that Jax overheard them talking and is protective of Carly. If he finds out, it could be a problem for them.  Todd is sure that Jax won’t be a problem and the two shake hands on their new promise.

Spinelli stops by to see Jason and apologizes for not believing him about Ewen.  Jason says he needs his help and explains about the inconsistencies in Sam’s baby’s file.  Spin hacks into the hospital computer.  Spin says Sam donated the baby’s tissues, which can be frozen until needed.  Jason tells him to find out if the baby that died was Sam’s. 

Michael tells Sonny that Kristina and Trey got married in Vegas.  Sonny angrily declares that he’s going to straighten things out.  When he gets to the lake house, Sonny accuses Trey of taking advantage of Kristina. However, she swears it was all for the show. 

Joe stops by to see Trey, who wonders if his father knew in advance about the threat. Joe claims he only wanted Trey out of town to make sure the wedding took place.  Starr arrives surprised to see Trey’s dad.

Jax is given a clean bill of health, much to Carly’s relief.  He tells her that she needs to find out what Johnny and Todd are keeping from her.