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OH HELL NO: Marcy Rylan Given The Boot at The Young and the Restless!

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Lord in the morning. That sound you hear is Daytime Confidential's Luke Kerr crying like a banshee! Soap Opera Digest is reporting The Young and the Restless fan favorite Marcy Rylan has also received her walking papers. According to the magazine, Rylan's shocking firing is due to budget cuts. The magazine stated:

Everyone is shocked. No one ever imagined that Em's [as she is known by the cast] job would be in danger. After all, her character is a Newman and an Abbott. This just proves that there are going to be a lot of surprises with these budget cuts.

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I'm all for trimming the fat on that show—been shouting the need for it from the rooftops for years— but not with Rylan! I can name at least five other Y&R "stars" off the top of my head who could have bit it, instead of this popular YOUNG and RESTLESS spitfire! Hello, she's a Newman and Abbott heiress. C'mon now, CBS and Sony. This is not the way to fix this show. General Hospital should snap her up as Serena Baldwin!

No word on when Rylan's final tape and airdate is slated for.