General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sonny wants to know who Trey’s father is.  Alexis shows up and Sonny tells her that Kristina went to Vegas to get married.  Kris says it’s to help Trey’s father and they will be getting it annulled.  Sonny heads out to find Trey and Kris chases after him.  Kris says Trey is all his father has and did this for him, just like she’d do anything for Sonny.  Sonny agrees to lay off Trey. 

Alexis tells Sam that she needs to sign the divorce papers or if she’s had second thoughts.  Sam says they talked and she knows the baby died because of her actions that night and that it wouldn’t have mattered had the baby gotten to the hospital.  Alexis agrees to put the divorce papers aside for now. She tells Sam to go talk things out with Jason.  Alexis tells Sonny and Kristina that JaSam’s marriage might make it. 

Michael tells Kate about Kristina’s wedding and that there may be a connection between the fathers.  He asks if Kate remembers anyone from the old neighborhood with the last name Mitchell, but she doesn’t. 

Starr accuses Joe of talking Trey into marrying Kristina and mentions the history with Sonny, which Joe denies and says it was all made up for the show.  When Starr leaves, Joe’s angry with Trey for telling her anything.  Trey reassures him and apologizes for telling Starr. Joe tells him to stay married to Kristina, convince everyone that he really loves her and win Sonny over. 

Tracy tells Monica that she wants Joseph to move in.  Monica doesn’t want a stranger moving in or after the Anthony fiasco.  Tracy says he makes her feel fabulous.   Monica says she knows nothing about him, including his last name.  Tracy says they clicked and she needs to find out where it will go.  Monica admits that Joe seems to care for Tracy but warns she’s keeping an eye on him. 

Starr calls Michael to tell him Trey’s father’s there, but by the time he gets there, the Scullys are gone.   Starr says Joe denied knowing Sonny, but Michael still doesn’t buy it. 

Jason is released from the hospital. Liz offers to drive him home since she has something important to tell him.  Liz has balloons set up for his birthday, but apologizes since Jason hates his birthday.  He says he appreciates what she’s done and her.  Liz explains that she dated Ewen because she couldn’t have Jason, she’s always trusted him and that there’s always been a pull between them.  Liz says they’re always missing their chance and wonders if the time is right, now that Jason’s getting divorced. 

Spin stops by the lab and finds tech Ellie working. He asks for help in finding out about the baby’s blood type.  Spin says Sam can’t know, but Ellie’s worried about her job.  Spinelli talks her into doing it. Ellie checks the tissue samples and finds out that the baby is AB negative, making it not Sam’s baby. 

Joe meets up with Tracy and she gives him the medallion that he lost.  She asks what the S stands for. 

Trey shows up at Sonny’s.  Kate angrily asks about marrying Kristina, until she sees the medallion around his neck and asks about it.  Trey says both he and his father have one.  Kate remembers her rape and rips the necklace from Trey’s neck and reads the initials, JMS, Joseph Mitchell Scully. 

Liz and Jason kiss as Sam arrives and sees them.