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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sam sees Liz and Jason kissing and leaves. The kiss ends and Jason apologizes. He says he cares for Liz, but it’s not fair to her to start them up again. Liz is confused, since he kissed her back and they’re free at the same time. Jason says neither of them are free. His life hasn’t changed. It’s still too violent for her and the kids. Liz questions Sam’s ability to handle it and not her. Jason says Sam was raped because of him and goes on about the loss of the baby. Jason admits he thinks the baby that died wasn’t Sam’s.

Alexis assures Sonny that while Trey is manipulative, he isn’t dangerous. However, Sonny wants him out of Kris’s life. Sonny gets a call that the ransom money has disappeared and heads out to talk to Tracy. Alexis tells Kristina that she wants her to grow up, display more sense and maturity so they can have an adult relationship. She says to stop making irresponsible decisions.

Tea tells Heather that she checked her references, but wonders if she can’t earn more elsewhere. Heather says she just wants to be with Victor and offers to start today.

Kate yells that Joe is Trey’s father. Trey admits that Mitchell is his professional name, but that he’s actually Joseph Mitchell Scully the third. He claims Sonny stole everything from the Scullys and that his mother walked out on him. Kate asks who his mother is. Trey says his mother walked out on him and was Brooklyn trash. Kate asks how old he is. When he says he’s 25, she claims she’s his mother.

Trey doesn’t believe her. Kate claims Joe raped her and that she hid the pregnancy. She thought the baby died. Trey doesn’t want anything to do with her. Connie emerges and tells Trey that she wanted to abort him but wasn’t able to.

Tracy wants to know what Joe’s last name is. She gets a call about a problem with the ransom money. She finds out it’s missing out of the Swiss account. She wonders who Jerry’s cronies were. Joe reassures her that she’ll make that money back quickly and not to worry about it.

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Sonny shows up at the mansion, surprised to find Joe there. Tracy’s surprised they know each other. Sonny says she replaced one gangster for another, Joe is a murderer and rapist. Joe denies everything, but Sonny tells her to ask McBain about his sister and Kate about the rape. Tracy tells Sonny to leave. Joe says he was exonerated for the murder ant that it wasn’t rape, but consensual. Tracy accuses him of being worst than Anthony and to get out. Joe says they had something good but she’s not interested.

Todd overhears Steve leaving a message about his mother and points out that any contact with Heather will invite her back in. He says Steven needs to make a clean break. Todd says Heather was a loon who made up stories when she was working for him.

Sam gets back to the lake house. She tells Alexis and Kris that she saw Liz and Jason kissing. Alexis tells her to talk to Jason. However, Sam decides she needs to move on. Kris and Alexis warn her to wait and take the time to think, but Sam signs the papers, takes off her ring and declares her marriage over.

Tea calls Todd to tell him that she hired a nanny and says it’s Susan Moore. Todd has no idea who that is. Before Tea can explain; Heather takes the phone out of her hand on the pretext that Victor has a fever. Tea checks on him. When Tea returns, she sees Heather with her phone. Heather claims she called Todd back and then apologizes for how she behaved. She wonders if things aren’t working out. Tea assures her that all is fine.

Jason thinks Sam’s baby is alive. Liz figures he’s hoping to give him back to Sam, but doesn’t think it’s possible. Jason says they can’t be together because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He says he was never anything to Jake, but can honor his memory by protecting Liz and the kids. Liz thinks they’ve come back into each other's lives for a reason. Spinelli arrives with answers so Liz leaves.

Spinelli tells Jason that the dead baby was AB negative and not Sam’s. He wonders whose it was. Jason says they need to go back to the shack to check it out. Spin remembers the shack being where Heather buried Anthony and hid Luke. Jason wonders if Heather had anything to do with it.

Liz goes back to work and tells Steve that nothing changes. Steve gets a call that Heather has escaped.

Connie and Trey get into an argument and he tries to take the medallion back from her. Sonny arrives and drags Trey off of Kate.