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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Trey makes a break for it. Connie says they were arguing about his marriage to Kristina. Michael shows up ready to tell Sonny about his connection to Trey’s father. He wonders why Kate hasn’t said anything. Kate gets a call from Olivia and heads out.

Michael tells Sonny that he doesn’t believe Trey’s story. He says he made up the whole thing about the fathers for the reality show. He tells Sonny that Trey’s father just got out of prison. Sonny thinks he knows who Trey’s father is.

Trey’s upset when he gets back to the apartment, but despite Starr’s efforts he doesn’t tell her the truth about what happened with Kate.

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Dante and Lulu get busy trying to make a baby. Steve calls and tells Dante that Heather has escaped. Dante warns Olivia to stay clear of Heather. Kate stops by to see Olivia. Olivia ‘hallucinates’ that it’s Connie, even though Connie pretends and claims she’s Kate.

Carly wants to know what Johnny’s secret was. Johnny says his share of the ransom money was gotten from mob connections. Carly makes him promise not to keep any more secrets.

Jax wants Todd to tell him what Johnny’s secret is. Todd wants to, but ultimately doesn’t tell Jax, who figures Johnny likely has something on Todd in exchange.

Spin tells Jason about Heather being in the area of the shack on the night in question. They figure Heather must have had an accomplice. Jason wants to go to Ferncliffe to question Heather, but Steve calls and lets them know that she’s escaped.

Carly asks Jax to deal with the divorce papers. Connie stops by to see Johnny.