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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Joe leaves a voice message for Tracy and runs into Trey, who says he knows Kate is his mother and explains what happened.  Joe says he was trying to protect Trey from the truth. However, Trey wants to know if Kate’s version is true. He wants to know if Joe raped her. Joe vehemently denies Kate’s story.  He says the sex was mutual, consensual and that Kate was so ambitious she left Trey to die after his birth. Joe says he couldn’t bear to see Trey hurt by knowing the truth.

Trey accepts that, but wonders why his father didn’t tell him the truth now, as an adult.  Joe wants them to continue with their plan so both Sonny and Kate pay. However, Trey doesn’t want to plot against his mother, even though she wished him dead.  Joe asks what Kate said. Trey admits she said she wanted an abortion and couldn’t stand the thought of him.  Joe says Trey is better off without her. 

Trey remembers that Kate has DID and thinks maybe it was the alter that yelled at him.  Joe says Kate’s a good actress and not to fall for that. Kate will never be his mother. Joe says they need to stick to the plan and go their separate ways right now.  He tells Trey to refuse the annulment, so they can take back what was stolen from them. 

Connie tells Johnny that Kate couldn’t handle a blast from the past, so she emerged and is back for good. They have unfinished business. Connie says she took the rap for him and has come to collect. Connie says Kate wants to marry Sonny, but she doesn’t.  Johnny offers to help her leave town, but Connie figures Sonny would just chase after her. 

Johnny wonders if Connie wants a repeat performance that Sonny can walk in on. Connie whispers what she wants in his ear.  Connie says it would be to their mutual benefit. If Johnny doesn’t cooperate, she’ll tell Todd the truth.  Johnny says Todd knows and that he has something on Todd.  Connie says she’ll go to Starr.  Johnny says he can’t do it, it will destroy Carly. Connie says they make a good team and will be convincing. 

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Epiphany’s giving new nurse Sabrina the lay of the land when Patrick appears and Sabrina goes gaga for him.  Epiphany explains to Sabrina about the Drakes, but warns her off.  Meanwhile, new doctor Britt asks Patrick for a consult and then asks him out on a date.  Patrick says he’s newly widowed so Britt backs off.  Patrick asks Sabrina for help with a patient and then decides he needs to get back into the game, so accepts Britt’s dinner offer. 

Sonny realizes who Trey’s father is. Michael wants to know, so Sonny explains what happened with Kate.  Michael is shocked to hear that Trey is Kate’s son. He wonders if Joe set this whole thing with Kristina up.  Sonny’s angry that they would use Kris against him. He tells Michael not to say anything until they know for sure.  Michael says Starr saw Trey’s father. 

Kristina stops by the apartment, but Starr says Trey was upset and left.  Kris says she cares for Trey. She wanted to help him with this wedding, in hopes that he’d care for her.  Starr says she needs to tell Kris about Trey’s father, but before she has a chance Michael calls. He asks her to come over and ID Joe.   

Tracy listens to Joe’s message. Monica catches her crying and thinks it’s because of Cook’s funeral. However, Tracy explains who Joseph really is and wonders why Monica isn’t saying “I told you so.” Monica says she thought they had a connection and is sorry it didn’t work out, but its good Tracy found out the truth before she got real feelings. 

Tracy says it’s too late.  She says Joe is attentive and considerate and makes her feel good.  She wants to hear his side of the story and not take Sonny’s word for it. Monica tells her to forget about Joe, but Tracy says they have an intense connection.   Tracy calls Joe and says she wants to hear his side of the story. 

Michael shows Starr a picture of Joe. She ID’s him as Trey’s father and that he lied to her when he said he didn’t know Sonny.  Sonny warns her to be careful around Joe and that she can’t let anyone know the truth or people will get hurt. 

Trey gets home to find Kristina waiting for him.  He’s upset and messed up and sorry that he dragged her into this mess.  She says she can handle it and will give him what he needs.  He says he needs her and they start kissing.