General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Maxie shows up at Sonny’s ready to help Kate plan her wedding. Connie’s not happy with any of the choices, saying she wants leopard print and large flowers. Maxie doesn’t think that sounds very Kate like, so Connie says it’s more Connie. Maxie says she thought Connie was gone, but Connie says she’s integrated. She’s half Connie and half Kate. Connie wants Maxie to mix things up and make it fun.

Johnny’s released from the hospital into Carly’s care. She tells him that she cares for Jax and always will because of Josslyn but that she’s moving on and has signed the papers. Carly’s surprised that Johnny isn’t happier, but he’s busy worrying about what Connie has planned.

Alexis reassures Sonny that Kris’ marriage will be over shortly. Sonny tells her everything about Joe, Trey and Kate. Sonny’s worried how Kate will take this and Alexis tells him not to tell her until after the wedding.

Starr says she’s worried about Trey, but he says he’s fine. Kris comes out of the bedroom in Trey’s shirt, claiming that as his wife, she’s the one to worry about Trey. Starr is surprised that the marriage turned into a real one. She thinks Kris’ parents will freak. Kris heads out but not before reassuring Trey that her parents can’t make her sign the papers.

Joe wants to tell Tracy his side of the story, claiming that Sonny lied about everything. He claims Sonny killed McBain’s sister and that the sex with Kate was mutual. Joe says he didn’t tell her his last name because he was ashamed. Tracy is the best thing to happen to him in a long time. Joe mentions that Tracy’s past isn’t clean, that she’s married her share of criminals, something Tracy is not happy to have brought up. Joe says he’s never felt this way before and kisses her. Tracy breaks it off and says she can’t trust him.

Jason wants to know if Steve has heard from his mother. He says he thinks she took Sam’s baby. He explains about the blood type. However,  when Steven balks Jason says Sam was at the same shack that Heather had Luke but wonders where she got the baby to switch. Steven remembers another couple coming into the hospital that night and explains about Tea. He doesn’t want to believe his mother capable of something like this. Jason asks for the couple’s information because Sam deserves to know if her baby is alive.

John tells Sam that Heather escaped, but she’d already heard from Steve. She tells him she signed the divorce papers and explains about seeing Jason with Liz. Sam also tells him that the baby would have died even if it had gotten to the hospital. Sam says today is their anniversary and explains about the Chinese wedding. John pulls out the phoenix figurine, saying he found it. He asks if she wants to keep it and Sam takes it.

Connie calls Johnny to remind him that they have a plan and time is running out and that he owes her. Carly overhears Johnny yell that he won’t let them do this to him and thinks it’s about the money that he took. Johnny tells Carly to remember that he loves her, no matter what happens.

Maxie wants high tea for the rehearsal; Connie wants a dive bar with tequila shots and strippers. She gives Maxie Sonny’s credit card and tells her to take care of everything. Connie declares this will be a wedding no one will forget.

Jason calls John for help.