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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Anna runs into John and the two discuss the Jerry fiasco. However, Anna wants to concentrate on Heather. John wonders if she’s worried about Luke, but Anna says they aren’t together and he’s still out of country.  John offers to help, as he’s staying in town for awhile. He mentions he’s meeting with Jason.  Anna warns that he put himself in the JaSam marriage and was the wedge that broke them up. 

Patrick’s heading home to get ready for his date.  Britt wants Sabrina to help her so she can get ready herself.  Sabrina fantasizes about Britt being mean to her and Patrick rescuing her. 

Sam lets herself into the penthouse and overhears Spin on the phone with Jason.  Spin says he has a new client, but he can handle it on his own.  He thinks Sam’s there to reconcile with Jason. However, she says she’s there to drop off the divorce papers. Sam says she and Jason can’t hurt each other anymore.  Sam says Spin puts her and Jason on a pedestal but they make mistakes and it’s not realistic.  Spin doesn’t want her to give up on Jason, especially not today. He reminds her that it’s her anniversary.  She says she needs to move on and says Jason has by being with Liz.  Sam wants him to accept it, but Spin wants her to give it one more day. 

Todd shows up at Johnny’s. Carly tells him she knows everything, until Johnny clarifies that she knows that he borrowed money from the mob.  When Carly leaves the room, Todd says Heather has escaped and can rat him out.  He says if he’s put in a position to save himself, he’ll rat out Johnny.  Johnny agrees to continue to keep their secret if Todd helps him prevent Connie from talking. 

Steven tells Jason that Tea’s baby had type O blood and was a carrier for thalassemia.  Jason asks if Tea was a carrier for hemophilia. 

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Patrick finds Maxie at the Chinese restaurant.  She’s planning Kate’s wedding and forgot she was supposed to baby-sit.  Patrick says it’s fine since he didn’t want to go on the date anyway.  Maxie feels badly since she thinks it would be good for him to take a chance, but Patrick is relieved. 

Jason meets John as Anna is leaving. She reminds him of the warning she gave him about respecting the law.  Jason tells John that he thinks the baby is alive and in Llanview.  He explains everything, including that the shack was the one Heather used.  John wonders where the second infant came from. Jason explains about Tea.  John admits it’s something Todd would do since he owed Tea, but doesn’t think Tea would have known.  Jason says they need to test the baby’s DNA and needs John to do it. 

Anna asks Steve if he’s heard from Heather, but he says he would have told the police if he had.  He’s angry that Ferncliff allowed her to escape and wonders where she went without resources.  Anna wonders about Heather’s relationship with Todd and decides to find him.

Anna runs into Patrick and is grateful he’s alright.  He explains about Edward giving Emma the antidote and is glad Anna’s home.  Patrick tells Britt he needs to cancel because he has no babysitter.  Britt offers Sabrina’s services and she gladly agrees. 

Anna finds Todd and wants to know about his association with Heather.

Spin and Maxie show up at the Floating Rib at the same time. 

Jason and Sam show up at the Chinese restaurant at the same time.     

Heather talks to Victor about all the bad things she’s done but that she’s ready to be his mother and get her second chance at motherhood.   She’s getting ready to leave with him when John’s come knocking on the door.