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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tea finds John knocking on her front door and lets him in. Heather hides in the nursery and claims she has work to do, in order to avoid meeting John. Tea wonders if John has settled in Port Charles. He says he’s only been helping out and asks for her help with the restraining order. Tea says she’s caught in the middle and it’s a conflict of interest.

Tea tells John about baby Victor’s blood disorder and how she’s grateful to Todd for helping her deliver him. Tea gets the baby to show him to John. When she leaves the room, he takes a mouth swab from the baby.

Alexis wants to tell Kristina the truth about Trey, but Sonny feels he needs to handle Kate first. Kristina arrives and claims she isn’t going to sign the annulment papers because she and Trey consummated the marriage. She doesn’t want to end it. Sonny says the marriage can be annulled on the grounds of fraud. He claims the marriage was under false pretences. Kris says her eyes are open and she doesn’t want it to end. Sonny accuses her of making bad decisions and that she needs to start thinking things through.

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Trey wants to know what his father has planned. He says he likes Kristina and wants to be a real couple. Joe yells that Sonny is a thief and a liar who deserves what’s coming to him. Trey says he’s done everything asked of him and he needs answers. Joe backs off and tells Trey that everything will be alright and to be happy with Kristina.

Carly’s surprised when Kate shows up, demanding to talk to Johnny. Kate says she wants to have her wedding at the Haunted Star, because it has everything she needs. Connie arranges for Carly to get an emergency call from the hotel and leave. She tells Johnny to sign her papers. Johnny refuses to sign the papers, but Connie threatens to call Dante and tell him who really killed Cole and Hope. Johnny signs the papers.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs a friend to talk to and hopes they can put their non-friendship on hold for a minute. Spin tells her that Jason and Sam are getting divorced and she commiserates, knowing how close he is to them. Maxie explains that she’s planning Kate’s wedding but is concerned about Connie’s side. Maxie talks about their wedding and Spin agrees they weren’t meant to be married.

Robert is happy to see Sam and Jason back and wishes them a happy anniversary. His grandparents insist they stay for an anniversary feast, which Sam balks at.  Robert admits that his grandmother isn’t well and it would make her happy. Robert make a toast to look back on the good times and remember their vows. Sam feels it was sweet of them to go to this trouble and she and Jason kiss.

Kristina says she cares about Trey and he arrives in time to declare that he cares for her as well and that he wants a future with her. He and Kristina leave. Alexis holds Sonny back from stopping them. Alexis thinks Trey might actually care about Kris, but Sonny thinks Trey and Joe are up to something. Joe meets with someone to continue his plan.