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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Todd’s upset that Anna has brought him in for questioning. She asks for help finding Heather, since he has a relationship with her, something Todd denies. Todd claims he was only her employer. He gave Heather the benefit of the doubt. Anna says they’ll find Heather and will know what Todd’s hiding.

Jason sees the divorce papers and is surprised Sam signed them. He gets a call to meet John at the hospital and leaves Sam at the restaurant. At the hospital, John gives him the swab sample and worries that the baby is all Tea has left.

Carly’s curious as to why Kate would want her wedding at the Star. To distract her, Johnny says he wants Chinese food. Carly offers to go and get it. Johnny calls Todd to come and meet him to discuss a problem

Sonny sees the papers in Kate’s hands and wants to know what they are, but Connie deflects, saying they’re a surprise for the wedding. Maxie stops by to update Kate about the Chinese food and the Floating Rib, which surprises Sonny. Maxie says it’s Connie’s side coming out. . After Maxie leaves, Connie claims she misunderstood what Kate asked for, but that she just wants things to be different than their last wedding. Sonny wants to go upstairs, but Connie deflects. She says she decided to put romance back into the relationship by staying at her own place until the wedding.

Sabrina arrives to babysit Emma and salivates over a half dressed Patrick. Patrick introduces Emma to her. Emma wants Maxie, but Patrick says she’s not available and leaves.

Britt comments to Liz that she’s getting ready for a date. Liz complains that she doesn’t have anyone in her life. Britt comments about Ewen. Liz says she’s thinking of someone else who isn’t available.

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Carly runs into Sam at the restaurant. Sam explains how  it’s her anniversary, she and Jason came and then kissed, until he saw the divorce papers. Carly feels bad for both of them, but Sam assures her that she’ll be first with Jason again despite his reconnection with Liz. Carly says Jason won’t go back to Liz. Sam says she saw them together. Carly accuses Sam of being judgmental, because of her kiss with John.

Sam accuses Carly of her own crap. Carly says she owns her crap and accuses Sam of crying over a divorce that she wanted. Sam says she doesn’t want to be angry anymore. Carly feels she wanted the marriage over and can move on and feels sorry for Liz. Sam says not to feel sorry for Liz, since she’ll get her chance. Carly says Jason doesn’t want the divorce, Sam holds all the power and to stop jerking him around.

Patrick introduces Mac to Britt, who explains they’re on a date. Patrick explains to Mac that he was asked out. Mac says Robin would want him to move on and that Britt seems nice. Britt intercepts a call from Sabrina, who says Emma wants to speak to her father. Britt tells Sabrina to deal with it.

Emma continues to have a temper tantrum with Sabrina. Sabrina calls Patrick back and tells him he needs to come home. He leaves his date to go home. Patrick talks to Emma who apologizes to Sabrina.

Liz runs into Jason, who tells her Sam’s baby is alive and he needs a DNA test. Liz asks if he’s told Sam and wonders what it would feel like to have a child you lost placed back in your hands. Liz offers to take the sample to the lab and put a rush on it.

Johnny tells Todd that Connie’s back and trying to screw him over. Todd needs to neutralize her. Todd says he won’t, but that Johnny needs to find Heather.

Anna tells John that she questioned Todd, but thinks he’s lying since he visited Heather two days before she escaped. John admits he might be onto something that would explain Heather and Todd’s connection, but needs more time to find out. He assures Anna that he’ll let her know.

Liz comes back from the lab and tells Jason that she gave them the sample and put a rush on it. She says she hopes he gets everything he wants.