General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for Emma’s behavior.  Britt commends Sabrina in Patrick’s presence, but when he leaves she yells at Sabrina that she wants Patrick to herself.  Sabrina imagines throwing food in Britt’s face.

Carly runs into Liz and tells her that she has no future with Jason.  Liz doesn’t understand where Carly is coming from until Carly mentions the birthday kiss that Sam witnessed.  Carly admits she was threatened by Liz relationship with Jason and knows he confides in Liz, but that it’s not a real relationship.  Liz says Carly has no idea what she and Jason share and that she doesn’t believe what Carly is telling her.  Carly warns that Liz will be hurt when Jason goes back to Sam.  Liz points out that Sam signed the papers, but Carly says they both have to sign and want it. 

Alexis asks if Jax has regrets about signing the divorce papers, but he’s more worried about Carly’s relationship with Johnny . He says she’ll regret trusting him.  Alexis reassures him that Johnny is devoted to Carly, but Jax knows Johnny is keeping secrets. Jax questions her relationship with Shawn and promises to kick his butt if he doesn’t treat her right. 

Sonny wants to understand why Kate would hire the Star for the wedding, rather than the Metro Court.  At first, Connie says she wants the Star because its Lulu’s. Then she says she didn’t want the Metro Court because of what happened with Connie at his party.  As Connie’s leaving the restaurant, she’s grabbed by a couple of men. 

Todd asks Johnny what he’s done about Heather. Johnny claims his men have tracked her south and are on the trail.  He says Connie needs to be dealt with because she has enough dirt to bury them both.  As Johnny’s leaving his place, he’s grabbed by a couple of men. 

Jason interrupts Carly and Liz.  Liz says the DNA results should be back and asks if Jason wants to go to the hospital with her. 

Johnny is taken to Sonny, who says they need to get things straight about Connie.  Sonny says he won’t forget what they did to him.  He says Kate has healed, but Connie thinks she’s Johnny’s ally and that Johnny needs to let him know if Connie reappears.  Sonny says he expects Johnny to hurt Carly again, but he won’t use Connie to do it. 

Connie’s taken to Todd.  She angrily reminds him that she’s getting married tomorrow and that Sonny will kill him if he finds out.  Todd tells her that he knows she’s Connie, Johnny caused the car accident and not her and that she needs to say goodbye.  Connie asks if he’s planning on killing her. She realizes that Johnny must have something on Todd. Connie wonders what could be worse than causing a child’s death.   Connie says if Todd kills her, Sonny will go after Johnny and wonders how long before Johnny gives Todd up. 

Connie assures Todd that she won’t be saying anything because then Johnny will tell Sonny that she isn’t Kate. Connie will be sent to a hospital.  She says Johnny needs to do what he’s told. Todd wants to know what she expects Johnny to do.  Todd is impressed with what Connie tells him, realizing that it will also break up Johnny and Carly. 

Carly runs into Shawn, who wonders why she seems sad.  She mentions the divorce papers and that she’ll always love Jax, but now loves Johnny.  Carly swears that Johnny is open and honest with her.  She mentions Alexis and Jax marriage, which surprises Shawn.  She plays it up but then admits that it wasn’t a real marriage.  Carly asks if things are serious between him and Alexis. Shawn says he’d like to see where it goes. 

Patrick apologizes to Britt and wants another try at a date.  She says a friend cancelled for tonight, but he doesn’t have a babysitter.  Sabrina overhears and offers her services again.  Britt thinks Sabrina is trying to ruin her date again. Sabrina daydreams that she pulls Britt’s hair out, but then assure her that she has everything under control. 

Jax gives Carly his copy of the papers and complains about her relationship with Johnny.  Carly swears Johnny is good to her and has told her everything.  They say their goodbyes. 

Johnny asks Todd if he’s gotten rid of Connie.  Connie comes in and says it’s not that easy to get rid of her and now he has to pay. 

Liz brings Jason the lab results, but stops him before he opens them.  She says it will be a long road in getting the baby back and wants to help him.  Jason reads the papers which say the baby is not a match to Sam.  He’s angry that he was so sure but was wrong.  Liz says she knows he wanted to bring the baby back to Sam, but it’s over now and he needs to let it go.