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SHOCKER: Tim Gunn Reveals Decision to Cancel The Revolution Was Made 10 Days After Show's Premiere!

While ABC didn't make the decision to cancel One Life to Live's low-rated replacement The Revolution until April 2012, according to one of the co-hosts, the actual decision to gut the series happened just 10 days in! Fashionisto Tim Gunn reportedly made this shocking claim during a talk at the University of Central Arkansas on Monday night.


While promoting his new book Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible, the style icon was asked about the now-defunct daytime series. He allegedly shared that ABC knew The Revolution was dead after only 10 shows, however The Mouse House didn't tell the co-hosts because they "didn't want to hurt morale". Would that they had only been half as concerned with the morale of the men and women who had worked on gutted daytime soaps One Life to Live and All My Children for generations — not to mention those soaps' legions of diehard fans. 

"It just killed me to hear that One Life to Live was cancelled for a TV show that was already done-for two weeks after it debuted," said Michelle Mills, an Arkansas resident who went to hear Gunn speak.

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