CBS Daytime Chief Angelica McDaniel: "Y&R' is a Flagship Program in Our Daytime Lineup"

What a difference a few years makes. Gone are the days when arrogant, now unemployed executives like Brian Frons and Barbara Bloom pop off in the presss about the dire state of the soaps they helped tank. Currently the genre boasts leaders who actually seem to care about keeping the remaining daytime sudsers on the air — so long as they stay modern and profitable. In an interview with Variety, Angelica McDaniel, senior vice-president for CBS Daytime, discussed the importance of The Young and the Restless to her daypart.


Said McDaniel:

" 'Y&R' is a flagship program in our daytime lineup," says McDaniel, who joined the net in 2010. "It's an iconic brand that has told compelling stories with dynamic characters for years."

McDaniel, who can often be found tweeting love to all of the series on her daytime lineup, also addressed the recent ousting of Maria Arena Bell by Y&R's production company Sony.

"These kinds of changes are not something you take lightly," says McDaniel, who supported the switch. "This was about asking, 'How do we modernize the show a little bit and continue to tell relevant stories as times have changed?' "

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Photo credit: CBS