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Thursday Night Soap Preview: Has Scandal’s Olivia Pope Been a Good Girl? What's in Store For Grey's Stranded Six?


Get ready for some action-packed drama. Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal return tonight on ABC. In an interview with TVLine, Kerry Washington dishes  the “Who is Quinn (Darby Stranchfield)?” mystery and ifOlivia has been behaving.

TVLINE | So, the big question: Has Olivia been behaving?

What does that mean in Olivia’s world? She sets her own rules.

TVLINE | Well, there’s the handshake agreement she made with Mellie in the finale. So, I ask: Has Olivia been behaving?

When we meet Olivia in the beginning of the second season she is not at the White House, and she has not been going to the White House. She’s a woman of her word. She handed in her badge.

In a preview of what’s in store for Grey’s Anatomy's stranded six, TV Guide answers the question of what’s next for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

What's Next? Following the loss of her sister, Meredith will take on a surprising new role as, essentially, the new Nazi — complete with a fancy nickname! "She's definitely angry at the beginning of the season," Pompeo says. "She's angry about all the stuff that happened, so she's teaching her interns and she's really mean to them. It's an homage to the first Dr. Grey, Meredith's mother, who is the first bitch surgeon, so I get to channel Kate Burton and be mean." She'll also be struggling with keeping the team of Seattle Grace docs intact. "She wants everyone else to stay together and is trying to rally for everyone to stick around," she adds. Look for Mer to stay in touch with twisted sister Cristina in very interesting ways.

After the jump watch promos for Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and freshman series Last Resort.

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In other ABC Thursday nigh drama news, the rogue submarine drama Last Resort surfaces tonight with an intense pilot episode. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Television has already pre-sold the series to more than 100 countries.  Zap2it caught up with Last Resort’sDaisy Betts, who plays lieutenant and chief navigator Grace Shepard, and got an insight into the actress behind the character.

What do your friends make fun of you for?

I'm a little OCD... You ask me to look into buying or making something, I'll usually have a spreadsheet of all the options and possible outcomes the next day. (I may have received the Statistics prize at University once...) 

I had the opportunity to watch it on Yahoo TV and of all the new series to premiere so far this fall, it has been my favorite.  Whether it stays that way after the launches of Nashville, Arrow and Elementary, you’ll have to wait for a future Pop Confidential Top 5 podcast to find out!